Dreaming Into Reality

dreams5Like any start-up, we have dreams. There are possibilities we’d like to see translated into realities. Our secret advisor has suggested we start a Dream List. Things that we would do, if we had the extra $100 or $500 or $1000. Of course the list is endless. The great thing about dreams is that you can go as big as you like! If you are wondering how you can help field the effort – so to speak – this will eventually be the page you’ll be able to check out every once in a while and see what’s available, where we are or how close we’re getting.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to help us reach our dreams – whatever they are – is to simply purchase farm fresh eggs, from happy chickens – and ducks! Purchase them as house warming gifts, hostess gifts for your friends, a dozen eggs for that new couple down the street, or the older couple next door who is always giving you tomatoes. Eggs are cheery little packages, if you’re giving them as a gift, we can put them in nice teal cartons and tie them with raffia! Cute, cute, cute. Just ask us and we’ll do it.

OK- As promised, here’s our wish list> It’ll be updated and changed and added to. We’ve put prices by many of the things – if you are interested in taking part in the adventure by doing something more than following along, you can sponsor a project or part of a project, and have a small piece to call your own! This may sound odd, but -as stated above- we’ve actually had a follower request this list from us. So, hey! if one person is interested, maybe some others will be too. You can message me through our Facebook page and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or supply any other information you may need.


  1. Buy our eggs! Easiest thing to do to help us. Remember 10% of our eggs go to food bank(s) in our community. In order to continue to do this, we need to reach more people who can purchase eggs. $3/doz for chicken eggs $3for 1/2 doz Duck eggs, when we have goose eggs available they are $2/each.
  2. Complete the chicken run for the coop ~$900 (we now have ~ $700 as of 6/2018)
  3. Mobile building for the field (repurposing the travel trailer)~ $800… Done and in use!
  4. Sea/Train (Conex Box) ~$3000… purchased!
  5. Mulch for the farm ~ $60/load … ongoing need
  6. Egg Cartons (we always need new cartons) ~ $43.99/gross… also ongoing need
  7. Trees and shrubs (we can get more specific with this as we go along and we’ll add the information below) ~ in general $75 for 5′(5 gal) tree
    1. Quail Bush – good for chickens and work well in the desert
    2. Desert Hackberry – good for chickens and work well in the desert (we have one planted!)
    3. Wolfberry – good for chickens and work well in the desert
    4. Culinary Junipers (to make gin!)
  8. Repair/create 4 Watering Systems for orchards and living fence/wind break
    1. Repair existing cistern using sealant ~ $239.99/5gal or $69.99/1gal
    2. purchase pumps at least 3 (1 for cistern, 1 for each Water Seer) price TBD
    3. Black line for drip systems on the orchard (currently being laid out), garden (currently purchased), windbreak, living fence, and the berms/bioswales price TBD. We have purchased the black line and installed it in the Orchard and down the windbreak
    4. Someone to help me figure out the existing timer so we can put the trees on it.
  9. High weed trimmer ~$350
  10. Large Green House ~ $3000