fun times

Thumper wants to know “where da party at?” and more importantly, is he invited? He was sad to find out that Sue and Kay were only visiting to say hello, not to have him join them for dinner. (Photo Credit: Kay)

We had some great friends come for a weekend visit. We did some touring around the county, drank some local beer, met and picnicked with the men and women of the historic “B Troop” from Fort Huachuca, enjoyed a meal at the German Cafe and a farm dinner on the veranda. I think it was so great, we should relive it right now! Don’t you????

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reptiles and samurai

“Reptiles have silly grins
Dark eyes–shiny teeth–some have fins
Samurai they smile never
Serious–pretty swords–very clever”

Any Oingo Boingo fans out there? They were one of my first concerts as a teenager — loved them! However, now whenever I hear the word “reptile” these lyrics go through my head. (I’ll put a link to the song at the end.) Sue doesn’t get these references when I make them, she just looks at me and shakes her head, who can blame her? Where am I going with this? Not sure, but I have been going through photos and discovered we see lots of of reptiles.

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chicken shorts

Literally. These are chicken shorts! I’d like a pair, in case you’re looking for an early Christmas present. Even though these are super cute – what the title really refers to are short films. This may be a cop-out, but I am premiering two videos here today as the blog. We can talk about other things later in the week, but it’s late so this will do for tonight.

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winter comes

It happens every year. Winter comes; we and the chickens are beginning to make preparations around the farm for cold weather.

Some of the chickens and ducks have been molting the last few weeks or so. They are making sure that their winter down is coming in before it gets too cold. Sue has begun winter coop preparations too. Today all of the old litter was removed from the main side of the coop (the brooder side of the coop was already done). Sue moved it with five gallon buckets and put it all into the compost bin. She didn’t count the number of buckets – but it was enough to completely fill the compost bin. Sue had me compacting it and watering it as we she filled it up, so there is a lot of stuff in there!

The full compost bin

While she cleaned out the coop, I replaced the covering on top of the nesting boxes, it was pretty yucky. Then replaced the privacy curtains over these boxes. They really like the curtains so its good to changed them every now and then.

Sue finished emptying out the coop and then filled it with two bales of compressed straw. It’s the really soft stuff that they truly like to nest around in. It looks, and smells, so fresh and clean. Here are the remaining photos from the day.

All Cleaned out
Newly filled with straw
Is this new?

So this last photo is of a little nesting shelter that Sue put together for the ducks. It’s been sitting under the nesting boxes for a year and half and they didn’t really end up using it. Today we moved it out into the coop area for them to use as a protected shade shelter, or dirt bath house… something. It attracted a great many looky-loos this morning. So we’ll see how they use it.

This is only the beginning of the “winterizing” that we’ll be working on. I’ll try to be better at keeping you up to day. Until then, as always~
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a short story

german shepherdOnce upon a time, there was a young doggo named Grey. That was me. A week ago I was a different dog than I am today; I even have a different name. Different name, different home, different humans, different, different, different. I’m still learning everything that is different. Today I had a whole story in learning something different, let me tell you all about it. Continue reading

the round up


We haven’t really talked about everyone lately, and we’ve had an addition and some losses to the farm recently. I thought we could do an overall animal roundup today. I also thought it might give me a chance to use this Chicken Scrum photo I’ve been holding on to. This is what it looks like around 2:30 each afternoon when we’re getting ready to pick up eggs – the chickens know that they get a yummy scratch treat and they begin to line up waiting for it at around 2:15… or any time we walk out the door after 12:30!

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Germany's wheat production bounces back | 2019-08-30 | World GrainOur weekend projects began on Friday when Sue and Dustin spent all morning processing, then cleaning up the aftermath. Even though it’s a morning job, the day was extremely hot and it always seems to take longer than it does. It’s a very, very long day and Sue was pooped. Thankfully, this is our last batch of the summer. Can you call that a harvest? I’m going to call it that since we are almost into the harvest season. Continue reading