in recovery

Ok, so we’re beginning to recover. At least we think we are. The thing is, we didn’t do anything all weekend, so there’s not a whole lot to report. In Sue’s farm journal entry for yesterday, along with the egg report, it just says “windy all day”. Which it was, but we didn’t do much of anything — again. But our chickens have been busy!  Continue reading

midweek update

So, I have to be honest and say that both Sue and I have the crud. It has taken hold and settled in for a spell.  I’m a few days behind Sue, but she’s having a hard time knocking it. Suffice it to say that not a whole lot of special is going on here. We’re doing good keeping up with day to day stuff. I have zero brain, which is interfering with my writing – more than normally. I just re-read Monday’s post and had to go back in and make corrections, I swear I already did that, but that brain was not working even then. So, today we’ll just do a quick midweek update and then hope for more fun on Friday. Continue reading

visiting friends


photo credit: James Lawrence

On Friday we were eagerly awaiting a visit from some friends who live in Ramona and Saturday we were not disappointed. They took off from the Ramona Municipal Airport, in Vickie and Bob’s Piper Matrix, Saturday morning at 7:01 PST and arrived at the Sierra Vista Municipal Airport at 9:56 MST, that’s a total flight time of 1hr and 55 minutes. Not bad! I picked them up a few minutes later and we began our whirlwind tour of Sierra Vista, Hereford and the farm.  Continue reading

armed to farm

armed_to_farm_030615It’s been a quiet day on the farm today. Ron had another engagement elsewhere today, so he couldn’t come over. Which is probably ok, because Sue is feeling a bit dragged out. Going, going, going can kinda wear you out. I’m hoping it’s the weather instability affecting her and that she’s not coming down with some crud that’s been going around. Anyway, nothing new to report on the RCW. It was just a normal day of normal chores and normal errands for greens and feed. HOWEVER, something completely unanticipated – and therefore not normal: Sue received notice today that she was accepted to attend a week long seminar in April, for Veterans who are going into farming! It’s called “Armed to Farm”. Continue reading

we’re excited!

James Most

Sorting out seedlings

Today (Wednesday) I had an exciting e-mail in my in box. James Most, from the Chestnut Proliferation Project, sent me a note that our trees are one their way! They should be here Saturday or Monday. Being sent all the way from Orcas Island off of the Seattle Coast line, it may be a shock to them at first, coming from such a moist environment, but we’ll heal them in and let them get used to it here. Once they go through the monsoons, I think they’ll be ok. They are being sent via Fed-ex and I believe they’ll be little bare root saplings, like those pictured here from James’ farm. He’s been a great help to us with planning out the orchard and figuring out how far apart to plant them, how much water they’ll need – what NOT to do with them. Once they are established, they are a wonderfully drought tolerant tree. Continue reading

weekend update

Our biggest project this weekend was the processing (finally) of 11 Banty Roosters. But we’re not going to talk about that. (Unless you’re interested in purchasing some Cornish Hen sized chickens – then just leave a note at the bottom of this post- sold 3 already, so let me know quickly.) I will talk about the fact that we moved the Banty hens into the chicken tractor that was recently vacated by the Roosters. They are happier in there than they were in the brooder – plus, tomorrow they’ll be able to roam outside in the leaf pond again. Today those little hens gave us 3 eggs, so the move didn’t seem to negatively affect them at all. The other thing we’ll talk about is the RCW that Ron and Sue worked on today.  Continue reading

Disneyland special report

turkeyOk, ok. I know its odd to have Disneyland show up here. I mean, really. What in the world could Disneyland  have to do with Permaculture or Wing and a Prayer? Well, let me tell you. When I first started thinking about what type of special report I could come up with, linked to Disneyland – I wasn’t exactly sure. At Big Thunder Ranch, they used to have chickens and the Presidentially pardoned Turkeys, some other farm animals in a petting zoo type situation, but it closed down in 2016 to make room for the Star Wars themed Land currently under construction. So, what was left that was kind of farmy? Continue reading

catchin’ up

When ever I travel, I always have a lot of catching up to do – blog wise – when I get home.  I may not be able to cover everything that I missed over the weekend and Monday, in one post today. But I thought I’d give ‘er a go, then maybe Friday we can go over the remainder and talk about the special report from my trip.  So, let’s get going…

IMG_1288Sue was GREAT at taking photos while I was gone.  She and Ron worked more on the RCW (Romny Chicken Wagon) Thursday and they were able to get the door made. Doors are interesting little things. They really are so temperamental. Just get one little corner out of square and things don’t work at all. Sue and I both have trouble with doors. Making themIMG_1291 and hanging them. So, I bet Sue was relieved to have Ron around to help out on that. Looks like they did a wonderful job on the door and it fit right into the end wall they were creating. That final end was completed, the door was hung and they were able to prepare for the roof next and some inside work.



One of the inside projects is nesting boxes. I guess I should say, “two of the inside projects are” because there are going to be two types. I talked about the “best nesting box” earlier that allows the eggs to roll away to prevent eating and keep them clean. Those nesting boxes arrived on Friday – some assembly required. Sue put them together lickety-split. Prior to their arrival, she was working on – what I consider to be – “traditional” nesting boxes. She wants to have both available to the chickens, in case they


New Fangled

don’t like that new fangled gadget. It is true; chickens can be young and yet traditional, recognizing the old ways as worth while. We call them old souls. 🙂 Hey! Don’t you be laughing! Chickens know what they want, it’s just up to us to try to figure that out.  The reason we’re not sure that they’ll like the new fangled box is that they often prefer to lay where there are already some eggs – that’s why we have fake eggs in some of our boxes; it encourages them to lay in those instead of on the floor or in the walls, etc.  The new fangled boxes don’t give us that option, so we’re not sure how they’ll be received. The layers have just begun laying in the last few days and Sue is finding them on the ground, behind the screen door of the coop. We hope they’ll take advantage of the boxes soon.


Extra Room

Another happening while I was out: Sue called our neighbor Gloria to ask if she would be interested in helping to move the chicken fence. Actually add another fence to the littles side to try and keep them from jumping over. We have two roosters on that side, well actually three at the moment, but one is in the brooder with the banty hens. Two are out, one for the Layers, Long Legs,  and one Banty for Maeve and Imen, Mister Mister.  Mister Mister likes to chase Long Legs around, which is quite funny since Long Legs is twice the size of Mister Mister, but younger. When this nonsense is going on, the hens just run everywhere, and sometimes they would get so excited, they’d fly over the fence.  Sue figured that if they


Gloria working away

had more room to run, there would be less flying.  Since she and Gloria added the additional space, there haven’t been any escapees on that side (Thanks, Gloria!). So, seems to be working.  Once the the RCW is completed and ready for use out in the Pasture, we’ll take the large fence and the laying chickens and give Mister Mister, Maeve, and Imen smaller room. We may let them out during the summer for a few hours each day to keep down the bug population. We’ll see… how that works with the rest of the Banties which will go out in the chicken tractor that’s on the leaf pond right now. They’ll go out there when we’ve had a chance to process the roosters.  We are hoping that the weather cooperates to do that this Saturday.  Whew. That’s a bit of information, there.  I think there is still some I haven’t covered, but we’ll get there next time. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: We can break this down to one word… SNOW! Ok, here’s a few more. We had some snow in the forecast, was 70% starting around 1am, in reality, it didn’t really start down here until almost 7 this morning. It was snowing on me heavily all the way to work and even for most of the morning and off and on through the afternoon in Sierra Vista . Sue tried to get photos of it here, but it doesn’t really show up. I took a very short video at work that kinda shows it. Not that you’ve never seen snow before, but it’s interesting (somewhat) to have it snow here in the desert. I’ll add the video at the bottom since it comes in so huge. Currently it is 41° at 6:18 p.m.  Looks like our overnight low may be down to 28°. Brrrr.

IMG_1408Egg Report: We had some excitement over the weekend… Roma, the goose, started laying eggs. Here’s the report starting from where I left off after Friday:  Saturday we had 1 Duck, 10 chicken eggs, plus one chicken egg that was pecked. Sunday: zero Duck, 15 Chicken eggs. Monday: zero Duck, 10 Chicken eggs, plus one faerie egg. Tuesday: one GOOSE, zero Duck, and 16 Chicken eggs. Today, we simply had 11 Chicken eggs.  The photo above is of the goose eggs, they just don’t fit into the egg cartons! We took the top off of one and are just using the bottom like an egg stand for them. Pretty darn fun.

goings on

IMG_2369Hey everyone! Here I am on the road again. Took mom out shopping and we’re at the Ramona Library using their wifi for a bit to get a little information out there to you.  Let me tell you – their wifi works better than ours at home! So nice to have this available 🙂 and for free!  Anyway, I found out that all the fun stuff happens when I’m on the road. Roma laid a huge egg today – it’s twice the size of the large chicken eggs!  This is her first one of the year! We’ll see how many we end up with. Geese lay about 35/year; more than every other week, but not quite one  a week. I think last year we ended up with only 3 all together.  So that was a fun happening this morning. Continue reading