catch up

catsupYou know how sometimes I get distracted by going down worm holes looking for images to match my title? Well, happened again today. I thought I would be a great idea to have a small bottle of ketchup  to go with the title. Then I went the “catsup” vs. “ketchup” route. There is a great deal of energy surrounding that controversy. I decided to stay clear of it an use a photo with both spelling…I think it’s funny, all on its own. Anyway – wanted to do a bit a “ketchup” today, but only regarding the farm. If you want to delve into the difference between “ketchup” and “catsup”… here’s a great article for you. Continue reading

WaaP Live

watch-liveI had a change of program this week, switched my Monday and Tuesday work schedule around, and I haven’t been the same since. I probably should have posted on Monday, but that would have been odd all around. Here is the makeup post for this week :).

I think it’s funny that our blog site is – and we’ve had our first “live” event recently, so we were truly Wing and a Prayer, Live! It is abundantly clear that we need to work on our Live stuff… we had to use my phone, because my laptop wouldn’t get a wifi signal for some reason, and our signal is spotty to begin with. Our signal booster died, so I need work on an upgrade for that. We had one live “watcher” (thanks Christy W.!) and then 29 other views. If you didn’t get the opportunity to tune in, don’t worry because you’ll now be inundated with photos and videos and the Facebook link today! Continue reading


Image result for weekendThe weekend has been really quite normal, apart from the winds. We did regular tasks yesterday, and some good things accomplished. The winds came up in the afternoon and all through the night, they are still here and we’re watching them tear through the property from all directions, creating little tornadoes, knowing things over and blowing trash from all over. It whistles through the drain holes in the window sills, it sounds low sonorous moans as it blows over the hollow fencing posts. It drives the chickens and the goats inside; only the ducks and the geese try to brave the buffeting. Continue reading

coming together

coming togetherI don’t know if you know this about us, but we are very impatient. One of us more so than the other at different times; impatient about different things for different reasons; impatient in different ways… but impatient we are. We constantly remind ourselves, and each other, that we need to be patient. Things don’t necessarily come together in our time, but in God’s time. It’s one of those things that is so easy to say, but more difficult to put into action. Continue reading

new curtains- a coop face-lift

curtainsRecently I’ve been searching for covers for my two wing chairs and my couch. They’ve taken some hits from the cats and I just wanted to freshen them up a bit, maybe do all the chairs and couches before the holidays. There are some great covers out now, not like the old ones that were always squeegeewompus after people sat on them. Do you know how expensive they are??? Maybe I’ll go to Big Lots and see what they have. It’s an easy way to give a quick face lift to the living room.  We all enjoy a fresh addition to the home: new area run, new duvet cover, new curtains. Well, the chickens like a coop face lift every now and then too. So, today  – thanks to Sue – we’re going to show you how to re-do chicken nesting box curtains, in seven easy steps. Continue reading

odds and ends

department-for-odds-and-endsMerriam Webster defines “odds and ends” as 1. a. miscellaneous articles b. miscellaneous small matters to be attended to, and 2. miscellaneous remnants or leftovers. We have a drawer in the kitchen – I’m sure you do to – that contains all types of odds and ends… rubber bands, twisty ties, bread wrapper clips. If you’re looking for one of something, there is a good chance you’ll find it in there. This post will be a bit like that – an odd bit of miscellany here or there that doesn’t really fit into any other article. I just want to draw your attention to the logo at right and the motto for the “Federal Department of Odds and Ends” – sweepus underum carpetae. The photos I’ll post might very well have been swept under the digital carpet – except now they will find a home here. Don’t expect much. Continue reading