and then this happened…

then thisYou just never know what is going to happen down the road when you meet people. You’ve already heard about our wonderful new neighbors (they’ve been here a year now – hard to believe – when do they stop being new?) Lance and Elise; you’ve heard of them because they amazingly volunteered to help paint the coop. It was largely due to their help that it was completely so nicely and quickly. Now just wait! Continue reading


NewnessIn Paul’s letter to the Romans, he encourages us to “walk in the newness of life.” This, specifically, relates to the resurrection of Christ and the change wrought for us. Could we not continue to “walk in the newness of life” by cultivating and observing that newness? Being involved in a creating and renewing process may be a great reminder of God’s continued presence in all life. Continue reading

graphically speaking

Charts-graphsLast night I wanted to make a graphic showing the egg numbers over the last couple of months. You know, because I’ve been so behind with the numbers. I thought it’d be an easy way to go. Well… I use Excel a great deal, but I don’t ever make charts from the data… so this took me all evening. I input data from the last 60 days, but when I made the chart there was just too much data for you to see what was going on, unless the chart was HUGE. Then I just had to play around with things until I could get something that would translate into a graphic and be easily readable. Consequently, here we are on a Friday finishing a post that started last night. I hope you’re not disappointed.  Continue reading

from afar

afarIt was an odd homecoming. Throw some clothes in a suitcase, add some things to keep me occupied (read: work), borrow a MiFi device from very generous church friends in hopes of being able to log on at my folks’, leave egg delivery contact list and info for Sue, hit the road. 7 hours later, here I am. I’ve never left Sue on such short notice, with no plan in place, and without weeks of planning. Yet, here I am. For those not friends with me on Face Book, my mom was hospitalized with a TIA over the weekend. I’m glad I’ve came to, maybe, make sure that she doesn’t do too much too quickly; now I am updating you from afar. Continue reading