what makes you smile?

LKPowell mouseDo you remember this artist? Her career really took off in the 1970’s. She did illustrations for Hallmark, Current, The Leanin’ Tree, Ranger Rick, and many others. I remember her paintings mostly from the greeting cards – which I loved. Many of her more popular drawings anthropomorphized woodland creatures in everyday activities. Like the one I’ve included here from her authorized information site. Caylor will have to confirm this for me, but I believe she has a couple of Linda K. Powell’s original water colors that were used as camera ready art for the Ranger Rick Magazine. I had the distinct pleasure of doing an archival matting and framing of those prints, when I did that sort of thing.   Sometimes, when I’m outside among all our little creatures – wild and otherwise – I can place them in similar situations as her paintings. That makes me smile. Continue reading

not again!

no-not-again-4rsubfSometimes it just never stops! Ever have those days, when you think you’ve taken care of an issue and it just keeps cropping back up. It might not look exactly the same, but – in essence – same issue. We had some of that today.  Then we had a little bit of a new take on the issue. AND we had a pretty silly thing happen. I’ve gotten a pretty late start, so this will be a really quick post. Continue reading

snake day

snake dayYou know, there is a day for everything! I did not know there was a “World Snake Day”. It happens to fall on July 16th.  How do I know this? As I usually do, I was googling images to go with today’s title (which we’ll get to in a mo) and found many images for “snake day”.  I wonder when World Hippopotamus Day is – wait, I’ll google that – February 15th is World Hippo Day. Put that in your calendar right now so you won’t overlook it next year. Why are we calling today “snake day” even though we’re a week early? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading

stayin’ cool

stay_cool_dribbbsHow are you all doing in your corner of the world? Summer is here in full swing. Today we may even have entered into the monsoon season at last. There are showers all around us, but never really quite reaching us here. Lots of virga… the heat keeping the moisture in the air. The extremes have taken a toll on all of us here – seeking relief from the heat has been our pastime of late. We’ve already talked about a few things we have doing to help the chickens beat the heat, there are other issues – though – that we have to think about due to weather. Continue reading

we did it

we-did-it-tsfinally-over-13934865That’s how I felt around 8 p.m. last night. I suppose I shouldn’t get so tired when we work on this particular aspect of the farming, but it always take a great deal out of me. I think it takes a bit out of Sue as well, but she said it is getting easier. I must confess, that it is a bit easier – I think the first time we processed, we did 7. We’ve done 15 in one day… I think that was an exceptionally long day.  Yesterday was only considerably long. 🙂 Continue reading

dang goats

dang goatOK – I don’t have any new photos for you and not much out of the ordinary is going on here, except Scooby has been regularly escaping from their dedicated space lately. Dang goat. (OK – yes the photo is a stretch, and I know that g.o.a.t. stand for “greatest of all time” but I thought it was funny to find it on a hat. If you like it, you can get it from Dang Chicks website; check ’em out – they have some really cute stuff.) Continue reading