its a ‘no photo’ day

No-image-availableToday was the first day that we’re trying out the new work schedule. I went in to the office around 10:30 this morning and we attempted to work on the goat shed and pen earlier in the morning. We worked on cleaning it out for about 2 1/2 hours and I totally forgot to take any photos. Had my phone in my pocket and everything. Just never took it out. Not that you haven’t seen this process before, but we had a few new things happen that might have been interesting to share. I’ll just have to give you the breakdown. Continue reading


space-invaders-clipart-1Sue gave me the idea for today’s post and I’m so grateful because I hadn’t truly thought of a good subject. I know, I know – over thinking again. Here’s how it works. Before I start blogging I ask Sue if she has any photos for me from the day, if so- she sends them over and talks about the happenings of the day. If not, we talk about the happenings of the day and I go take a couple shots of the subject matter. Then I try to come up with an overall “theme”. If you’re a regular reader, you know that sometimes


man sized gopher invasion

that works and sometimes it just really doesn’t. It’s all an adventure, right?! Today, Sue dug out old holes and dug some new holes for the trees we plotted the other day. So, I went out to take a photo of her hard work (believe me, digging holes in this earth is very difficult – fraught with rocks of all sizes and simply hard packed dirt) and she said, “Looks like a huge gopher invasion.” Ta da! a title is born. Because we have had some invasions lately, of odd things. Not to mention a huge gopher. Continue reading

done or check



Take your pick. Both mean the same in my book. Told Sue, yesterday, that I wanted a white board so i could use it to be my memory. Since I keep thinking – while I’m at work- “when I get home…” or vice versa. Seems like I could remember to e-



mail myself something and that would work, but I can’t even remember to do that! Luckily, if it’s really important around the farm, we’ll say something to other and generally one of us remembers.  Case in point: Sue just asked me “How many dozen eggs am I supposed to take to choir rehearsal?” I would have totally forgotten. If I did have a white board, there are two possible outcomes. A or B.  Continue reading

normal days

IMG_3041Here we are, back to normal days. At least as far as projects are concerned. It’s been rather an “everyday” kind of Monday.  Just another “day in the life….” Sue has all but completed the newest chicken tractor. Just needs a couple of handles and things that allow us to pick it up and move it around. I like this design that she’s been using recently. Has a smaller opening on top that we can use to get the food and water out of, the nesting box in the back with another hatch for access, and then the door in the front that lets the chickens in and out. There is also a roost across the middle, inside, for when they want to get up off the ground. All around solid little tractor. We should be able to move this one quite easily as it’s a couple feet smaller than the most recent one she built (I mentioned that already, right? – Sometimes I forget these things.) So chalk that up as completed. Continue reading

everything grows

IMG_3015.jpgGot back late last night, after taking an unscheduled detour due to an accident on the hwy east of Tucson, that added a bit of time to my already long drive. Isn’t it weird how, when you stop driving, your body still holds on to that driving sensation. Last night, when I closed my eyes, I saw a road stretching out in front of me… I think I drove all night. Oh well, at least I arrived safely into the (somewhat) cooler weather of Hereford. I was only gone a week, but so many things changed while I was gone. I suppose that’s normal. Just always surprises me. Continue reading

hive mind

hive1.jpgIf you’ve been with us from the beginning, you know that one of the things I wanted to do was have an apiary on the farm. Well, hybridized bees in Arizona have really made that impossible. If you have these “killer” bees on your land, even if you’re not aware of it, and they hurt or kill people or animals, the land owner is 100% liable for medical bills, and whatever else. So, since they are so prevalent in the area, and can take over a hive so quickly, we didn’t want to do that. However, Sue had already purchased the hive of my dreams: the Flow HiveContinue reading

chick update


a Mary Engelbreit print

Yes, I know. It’s Tuesday, and I am a day late. You all know that happens when I’m on travel; the schedule gets all screwed up!  I was out with my folks yesterday, celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary. By the time I got back to Ramona, the Library was closed, and that ended my posting for the day.  And now, here we are at Tuesday, safely ensconced in one of the more calm sections of the Ramona Library and ready to write.  Let me say this upfront though: tomorrow is Independence Day, the Library is closed, and I’ll be spending the day with Family – so don’t look for a post tomorrow. I’ll try to write on Thursday.  Then, Friday, I’ll be traveling back to Arizona (weather permitting) and will not be writing that day either. So, we’ll see if there’s something to share on Saturday.  Just want to give the regular readers a heads up!  I wish you all a safe, fun, and spectacular Fourth of July! Continue reading


rainbowYesterday I made my way across the desert. Slowly because it’s always a difficult trip for me physically, and a little worse this time because of some other health issues I’ve had going on the past couple of weeks. But, by going slowly and taking many long breaks that allowed me to walk around a lot, I made it to my parent’s before the sun set. It was a 10 hour drive this time. I think I’ve taken longer. I let Sue know when I arrived, she gave me the weather report for Hereford. They had been having thunderstorms for quite a while. The dogs absolutely hate the thunder; I’m not sure that the cats enjoy it either. It hadn’t really rained, and that was good – because of the chickens – and bad – because we need the water. She sent me a photo, though, that shows it was raining not too far from us. Continue reading

what’s this?

FullSizeRender (4)More chicks! Yes ma’am! The second shipment of chicks arrived this morning. The box is always enticing. What will they look like? (have they all made it?) Exactly how much cuteness can be sent through the Postal Service anyway? Well, the answer to that is – a whole lot of cuteness can be sent through the Postal Service!  Our Post Office is great. When the chicks arrive, they always call Sue right away so she can go pick them up before they’ve sat around for very long.  What do they look like???  Continue reading

mobile chickens

Blogging-for-SEOSomeone, who regularly reads the blog, suggested that I not fret so much about how the postings read, but just to simply state what’s been going on day to day. Most of the time I believe that’s what I do, but if I didn’t work at it a bit more than that, I think you’d be getting almost the same post every single day. Generally, I’m not home during the “working” part of the day; I get home when it’s time to do the afternoon chores. So, I don’t always have a great take on what went on during the day. This weekend and today, we did some interesting things and I think I’ll be able to share that pretty well with you.  Continue reading