IMG_2709It’s one of those days. What do we talk about today? We did things. We have plans for the weekend. Sue’s been working her butt off. Just like always. Sun comes up beautifully each morning (see photo at left) and sets just a gorgeously in the evening (see final photo). Chickens adventure out and come back to roost in the evening. The Goat Boys play their silly goat boy games. Animal visitors come and go; some have made a home here – not that we really want them. shall we have a little look at what I’m talking about? Continue reading


literary chickensA very good friend of mine gave me a book of chicken portraits, “Literary Chickens” by Beth Moon. The photos are done so wonderfully; the photographer captures perfectly the personality of each of her little chicken subjects. The photos are all black and white and are paired with literary quotes that match the photo. It’s a wonderful book to look through. I am no where near that type of amazing photographer… but I do have a portrait for you. Continue reading


IMG_6074Need I say more? I’m almost tempted to stop right now, but I do have an update on one of the ongoing projects. So, I’ll just start off by saying that this was a photo of our weather station readout at around 3pm today. Yes, it was 112° when we were out ding chores this afternoon. It’s is so blame hot the trees are wilting even as we water them. We can’t keep the potted plants in the nursery area wet enough, and the gabion garden dries out in a couple of hours after watering. This hot spell is only supposed to last through tomorrow. I really hope it is true; the chickens and the trees and everyone will just feel so much better. Continue reading

is there a theme?

themeFor a long while now, I’ve been having trouble with content generation. I wonder if this is how pastors sometimes feel when they have to come up with deep meaningful sermons week after week. At least I need neither be deep nor meaningful; however, I really feel that I should have some type of underlying theme for each of these blogs. Theme: an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature. In reality, these blogs aren’t a work of art and they certainly cannot be considered literature by any stretch of the imagination, but – the answer to the question posed in the title?- no. No, there is not a theme. Just a few paragraphs of information about what we’re dong here. Continue reading


workaroundIt’s ok. It’s just one word. Workaround. Seems to be a word in everyone’s life as of late. Yes? It’s a good thing that we’re flexible (scoff), I mean as a people in general. Most of us, when hit with continued problems brought on by – say – a nasty pandemic, have been able to find ways to work around the issues and continue doing what we need to. What we need to for family, for work, for outreach, etc. That’s the workaround. Continue reading