So… we had a Bobcat try to get at the pond banties Saturday morning. Huh. We don’t see that every day. THANKFULLY!

Sue heard a ruckus about 5:00 a.m. Saturday and went to investigate. She took her flashlight and saw a bob cat in the light working really hard to get into the bottom of the pond banties’ little coop. Sue said it wasn’t bothered at all by being in the limelight. She had to throw rocks at him to get him to move! Finally he jumped the fence.

We thought everyone got away ok, but we found that one of the little chickens must have gotten hooked by a claw. There was quite a bit of blood on one of them. Later the others started to pick on her, so we moved her to the ER brooder. She’s doing ok today.

Sue was concerned that one of the reason the Bob Cat felt emboldened was because we had let the millet grow all monsoon, thinking that the chickens would really like them when they went to seed. The photo at right shows a couple of the plants. The entire enclosure was covered. So, we grabbed a couple of shovels, a weed whacker, and some gloves.

By the end of the afternoon, we had an open area around the coop. Plus we uprooted the fence and stretched it out nice and tight, also making the fence taller and – hopefully – a bit more difficult to jump over.

So far it has worked – for one day. We hope that’s a good sign. Never a dull moment. I’ll being working on getting you updated on the happenings for the last few weeks. That’ll be for another night. Until then, as always~
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price hike

Over the last six months, we have been struggling with the decision to raise our egg prices; hoping that things would settle down after the COVID madness was over. It seems that this will not be happening any time soon. During the last year and a half we have seen Organic Layer Food, Organic Scratch, and Organic Fresh Vegetables continue to rise in price. This, coupled with the fact that gas has gone up quite a bit too, (in my egg delivery travels I rack up approximately 60 miles – or more if I make special deliveries – each week) has prompted us to begin the difficult task of informing our customers that we are raising our prices.

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just write

So many times, when it’s been a long while since I’ve posted a blog, it is because I just don’t know what to write. There’s only so many times you can say, it’s windy, we fed the chickens, Sue pulled tons of weeds, etc. So I’m trying something that has been suggested in many circles. Put your butt in a chair and just write. So here we are, sitting and writing. No preconceived thoughts or a theme for the post. I do have some photos, so I guess we’ll just start there.

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There are a lot of “too’s” in our life right now. Too hot! Too muggy. Too dry. We’ve been hunkering down and not doing too much. We’re butchering the remaining chickens on Saturday so we’re really hoping that the temps come down a bit more. That’s about all I have to say today. I’m sure we’ll be able to bring you up to date later. Just wanted to leave something for today. Until then, as always~
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You know how Sherlock Holmes craves data? Well, I don’t know that I agree with the need for so much data! I I received the data from NOAA and wow! there was a lot of data, and I only asked for precipitation. I spent a few hours sorting and sifting trying to figure out what I could tell from it. I’m not too sure I trust it completely, because the elevations they gave did not match the elevations around here, and the days that we had snow, they showed no snow. So given that, I can only take the information with a grain of salt. Regardless, following is what I crunched out of it.

They sent me data from 10 different weather stations in the Hereford area. I whittled them down to three of the highest elevation and what seemed to be the closest to what I remembered we were getting in the months we had info. Anyway, I averaged the three stations’ info to find each year’s precipitation. The bottom line is, over the last five years the rainfall has decreased remarkably. If the trend for the first six months of this year continues, we will have 12 fewer inches of rain than the year we moved here – declining each year. HOWEVER, we have not been through the Monsoon yet (actually just started a few days ago). We had rain on Saturday, but it wasn’t even enough to measure. If you are the praying kind, we’d ask that you pray for rain for us. Like California, we are high into the fire season. Arizona has well over 15 fires going on right now and we really need some rain! I included the fire map just to give weight to that last statement.

Luckily, the last couple of days the heat has come down about 10 degrees or so. On Saturday, we started butchering the next batch of chickens. By 10am we had processed 8 chickens, it was 100° and we had 12 more to do. Took a few minutes, but we decided that we weren’t going to make it through the remaining birds the way the temperatures were climbing. So, we decided that we would stop after 10 and clean up. By the time we were all cleaned up, it was just after noon and temperature had climbed up to 106°, by 3pm it was 110°. The last couple of days it’s stayed in the high 90’s and that has actually been a relief. So, next weekend we have a few more chickens to process; we’re hoping that the weather will stay “cool” for us. Or even rain. That’d be fine. Keep us in mind, please. I’ll eventually let you know how everything ends up. Until then, as always~
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