hello-visitorGuess what, guess what, guess what??? We had some great visitors last night! Our friends, Ron and Kathy, brought their sweet nieces for a visit. They are visiting from out of state, over spring break – I think? They can correct me if they read it :).  Jill and Heidi are their names. Very sweet, incredibly intelligent young women (thanks for liking our page ladies!). Ron and Kathy brought them over to visit our little farm. We tried to entertain, but there’s not a lot to do. Continue reading

safe lodging

troublous lifeI find it interesting that sometimes a thought will be running round and round in my head and then a friend or family member will bring up the exact same thing. Happens with Sue and I a lot – probably because we live together, happens with Mom a great deal too, and often with my admin at work. Now, I find the connection is still there with friends back home. Case in point: when I was growing up, we had a retired Navy Chaplain in our church, Rev. Ted Herman, who never needed a microphone when he took the pulpit. I guess all those years preaching on the deck of ships at sea just gave his voice resonance. At the end of his services, as his pastoral blessing, he would intone a special prayer, the tenor of which had been rattling round in my head a great deal lately, but I could only recall a few specific words, “this troublous life…” and then vague ideas surrounding that sentiment. I think it had been in my mind so much lately because of – you guessed it – the horrendous winds we’ve been struck with. THEN, today I had a message from our friend Tracy, back home, asking about this exact same prayer. She was trying to remember it, but could only think of “grant us safe lodging… and peace at last”. So I just gave in and finally googled the few words I remembered with the addition of “Prayer” and found it. It’s called the “Prayer of Blessed John Henry Newman”.  I’ve put a photo of it above.  It also came to mind today because of some lodging issues we have of our own right now. Well, chicken lodging anyway. Continue reading

thieves and scoundrels

thieves-mouse-1024x787_4_orig.jpgWe feed a heck of a lot of different animals here. I don’t mean chickens and ducks and geese – I mean those free loaders we didn’t intend to raise. Wild birds of all sorts, mice, gophers, and other little creatures we don’t see; some, I’m sure, we don’t even really want to know about. We are an open air farm, so to speak, so some of this is to be expected. Over the weekend, we had two funny run-in’s with thieves and scoundrels. Continue reading

windy much?

50 pmphYes, yes, yes. I know we talk about the wind here a great deal. I supposed that’s because it is a big deal. Today we actually had wind warnings through 8 p.m. Our top speed in the last hour was 50 mph. The thing is, with that type of wind – it gets really difficult to do anything outside. Sue was hoping to get a head start on the weed whacking today, but the winds were blowing her over! The chickens have gotten somewhat used to the winds, and go outside to eat and drink, but they are also content to stay indoors. Did you hear about the warnings going out a few weeks ago back east? The Meteorologists were cautioning people to not leave their small dogs outside because there was a chance they could get blown away! If a small dog can get blown away, just think what could happen to a chicken. Well – we’ve not yet lost any bird nor beast to the wind. Continue reading


Thank-You-PostItHere we are… Wednesday’s blog post appearing on a Thursday. Thanks for hanging in and waiting for this amazing update! It’s actually been rather quiet for a while around here. Which, in many ways, is a good thing. While the weather has been rather nice and warm this week, the last two days the winds have been blowing in some clouds from somewhere – but there is no rain predicted. So – we’ll just see what the future holds over the next couple of days. Continue reading


Hey everyone! I’m sorry, but I spent all my time this afternoon/evening getting the eggs ready for donation tomorrow. It’s now almost time to put everyone in and head to the last half of Ash Wednesday service, then Choir Rehearsal. Since the eggs are already taken care of (something I usually do Thursday Night for the weekend customers) I’ll have time to blog tomorrow. We’ll catch up then- ok? Thanks!

we’re back

we're bacjSo, maybe you noticed that we didn’t have a post Monday. Totally my bad! Nothing was wrong, nothing happened untoward, I was just out of town (again). Work took me up to the Phoenix area for a couple of days and – when I found myself with a free evening on Monday, instead of staying in the hotel and blogging, I took myself to Surprise, Arizona and met up with our old friend, Capt. Rev. Dr. Floyd Ellison :).  Somewhere there’s a photo to prove it… maybe on my Facebook page. In any case, I’m back – which means we’re back and here we are with a Wednesday quick post. Continue reading