IMG_2205Yep, used that as a title. I’m in California this week. Mom’s doing well, thanks for all the kind thoughts and love. Sue is taking care of things on the farm… I’m hoping that Dustin is helping where he can.  Sue’s been a bit quiet about how things are going, but she did say that she cleaned 8 pasty butts on Sunday afternoon. Those butts belonged to the banty chicks. So, they are really small butts. This happens on occasion. Mostly if we get them over the initial issue they do fine after a week or so. Pasty butt can be brought on by the stress of the shipping, or because they got too cold. She also sent along this photo of the sunrise from the other day. It’s always gorgeous at the very beginning and very ending of the day.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to write a bit about the tour of the aquaponics farm that Ray, Tony, and I took on Saturday and talk about how that’s going for the owners.

I just wanted to write quickly right now so you didn’t think I was ignoring you all! Stay tuned for the random postings!



ReprieveWell, we had a change of plans for today that gave the meat birds a reprieve until Monday. When I put them up for the night yesterday evening, I sang to them (in my very gargly voice) “It’s the last midnight, So, goodbye all. Coming at you fast, midnight -Soon you’ll see the sky fall” from Into the Woods. They were not fans. Then today – Sue told then they could have a couple more days. They were so happy. They ran around eating everything in sight! Well – they do that on any given day anyway. I think they really have no idea. Continue reading

weekend photo post

FullSizeRender - 2019-08-25T161332.369Happy Sunday everyone… here we go! Photos for you – I’ll do my best to explain what we have, but as has been the case as of late – there really isn’t a cohesive theme. I’m starting with this photo of Leggs because I think it’s funny. This was Friday morning. I was changing the bandage on her foot and she just ended up sitting in my lap like that. She just stayed like that the entire time I worked on her foot. She was pretty comfortable. Continue reading


Untitled-Logo-Black-HiResIf you call something “untitled” isn’t that giving it a title? So, should I really just call this “titled”? These are the strange things go through my mind on occasion. Maybe it would be better if I just gave it a title… nah. Besides, I found this great logo that I’m borrowing from the “Untitled Supper Club” in Chicago. I took a gander at their website and I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to check it out when I was visiting last year. Looks like they have a great three course, Prix Fixe Menu and over 550 whisky choices. Anyway, someone go there and let me know what I’ve been missing. Back to today’s post. You know how I like to do an overarching theme, linking several events together under the main title? I just don’t have that today. What I do have is a couple of photos and one event to share. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

that’s what happens

Odd things happen on the farm, dontcha know. You go out to feed and there’s a goat hanging upside down from the fence. You go to throw afternoon scratch out and a chicken has disappeared, only to show up a couple hours later wanting back in the pen. Sometimes – especially recently – we’ve had chickens die for no discernible reason, those are always difficult. Just odd things; some funny, some sad, all odd. Continue reading