Getting ready for new littles

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that we ordered some little Cochin chicks. They’ll be here towards the end of August, and we’re hoping that Maeve will want to mother them a bit. Since then, we’ve decided to beef (ha!) up our egg laying population as well. If last year was any indication, winter will be hard on the chickens. We want to make sure that we’ll have a good number of layers come the spring. So this is what Sue ordered… Continue reading

Moving and Shaking

For the past month or so, we’ve had ADOT working on the corner of road right by our place. We are on the corner of Prince Placer and South Stone Ridge. They have been upgrading the road where the water washes over it during the monsoons. It seems that a few years ago, after the fire, they had some real trouble with flash flooding. So far this year that has not happened, but now we are completely prepared, just in case. They have been using some extra heavy equipment that actually shakes our house as they are performing some of their grading exploits. The dogs and cats really hate it. Yesterday, one of the men working on the site asked Sue if he could grade a portion of our property – outside our fence- that runs along Prince Placer Road. We thought that it belonged to the county, that’s what Sue was told when she moved in. They even stopped us from using the driveway entrance off of Prince Placer. Continue reading

It’s Been a Crazy Week…


Sue’s Mowing Trails

…and it’s only Tuesday! We had a good weekend – tackling some projects in the morning, like mowing the front “lawn”. In the photo on the right, you can see how high the grasses were getting. The short parts are where Sue had passed before I got out there to take the “before” photo. To the left is the “after” photo. Everything is looking so golf course like. We even have rough areas. Come play the links! While Sue was mowing, I started mucking out the french drain for the gray water. The last hard rain we had really washed the dirt into it and I needed to clean it out and



reorganize the rocks, start a wall around it, etc. I had maybe half of it mucked out and got called in to work. When I got back and hour or so later, it was getting too hot for us to be working outside, so we took some time in the middle of the day to see Wonder Woman; that was pretty fun.


We take Sunday as a Sabbath day, so we had a nice pot roast dinner with Alexis, Dustin and Irie, shared the buttermilk biscuits and some brownies with our good friend Holly (she bought some eggs!) and pawned some veggies off on her, then went to Tractor Supply for feed and straw. All in all, a pretty low key day. Continue reading

Trees! and other interesting offerings

In case you were wondering— we’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties around here. Monday night we had an amazing thunder and lightening storm and it took out our wifi router. It’s taken me this long to get things back up and running – with a lot of help from Wi-Power Tech support. So here’s the update for the week~Read on!

Yay! Tuesday we were finally able to get together with Mr. Gary Foss, owner of Oaks of the Wild West, and picked out 20 wonderful trees for the property. We went out around 3:00 p.m. to meet him. I could not believe the property when we drove down the tree lined entrance. It was the nearest thing to a forest as I’ve ever seen here. And what I could see was only the tip of the iceberg! Mr. Foss has been planting trees on his property for the last 20 years or so. Many of the trees that he sells are grown from the seeds of the trees on his property. He has so many varieties of Oaks, Pines, Cypress, and junipers. Plus he has quite a variety of nuts and fruit trees. Many people from around our neighborhood have also been able to pick out trees for their property as well. In a few years it’ll be a veritable forest down ol’ South Stone Ridge Road and Prince Placer! Continue reading

Weekend Happenings

SONY DSCWhen the weekend started off, we were hoping to be able to do a Special Report on the Sonoita Vineyards, as we had tickets to attend the 2017 HarvestFest. We did attend and had a really lovely day to visit. We were able to get a quick lecture on the wine-making process, taste some great, good, and ok wines (by our palates), and enjoy some delicious food pairings; however, when it came time to tour the actual Vineyard, we were unable to do so because of the hard rains they had been receiving the previous days. We were told that it would be very difficult for a tractor alone, at this point, to get up through the vines due to all the wash outs, let alone one pulling a trailer with people in it. So, we’ve resolved to go another time and see if we can’t get a tour – perhaps on foot. Then we’ll be able to do a much more in depth report on vineyards in the high dessert. Let’s go on to other weekend happenings then…. Continue reading

Today’s Tidbitting

IMG_1373A couple of weeks ago, I was tickled to find out that the behavior we’ve always noted with chickens- having a hen or the rooster give vocal cues for good little tidbits they find- is actually called “tidbitting”. I thought I’d use it here as a title, because all I have for you today are tidbit updates. The first one is… our view from the back porch into Mexico. We’re hoping that those rain clouds come up the valley and give us some moisture. As I type this, the rain is now in front of that mountain range and perhaps heading in our direction. One thing is for certain, the thunder is getting more prevalent. Let’s take a look at what else has been going on. Continue reading

Now’s the Time to Plant!

FullSizeRender (45)We’ve talked a bit about planting out trees, bushes, and up-potting the seedlings. This flurry of work has been going on because we’re right in the midst of monsoon season. Sue took this photo out at the Goat Boys’ last week, but you can see how we’re beginning to green up. around the house it looks like we have this wonderful lush lawn, especially rightIMG_1364 after Sue mows in the morning. Our pastures are full of green grass interspersed with what we believe to be, wild white alyssum. It is leggier than the sweet alyssum you see in most gardens and doesn’t grow quite as clumpy. There is one stalk and flowers bloom on the top third. I think it looks really pretty though.  Continue reading

Special Report: Arcosanti

Arcosanti roadThis past week, I went up to Sedona for work and, as I was driving up the I-17 above Phoenix, I saw this freeway sign for Arcosanti Rd. This is what I said out loud: “Arcosanti? Is that THE Arcosanti? Is that here? I studied that in college. Can we go? Is that it?” Having no one with me who knew what the heck I was talking about, I waited to google it when I arrived at my destination. Guess what? It was! It was THE Arcosanti! Well, if you follow our Facebook Page, or saw the blog from last Friday, you know that it truly was. I was so excited to visit! Continue reading

Friday, Friday, Friday is My Favorite Day!

FullSizeRender (43)

Ok, yes I’m still out goofing off in Sedona. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch… Sue has been working away, in between rainstorms anyway. I understand that today we had a really FullSizeRender (44)heavy storm. The water tank was filled to overflowing! It’s really good that we’re finally getting some heavy rains. We want that to deep water all the trees as much as possible. And be able to help replenish the aquafer in our area that supplies our well. This is why we’ve been talking so often about the importance of keeping the water on the land as much as possible, rather than having it run down the road and away from the property. I’m so happy that it’s raining! It does tend to put a damper on the projects though. Although, if you know Sue, you know there are still things going on.  Continue reading