that’s a first

Red-tailed-HawkIn Sue’s Christmas letter, you may have read that we still had not lost any of the birds to predation… we’ve been here for 3 years now and that is a really long time with no deaths from hawks, owls, coyotes or other predators. Well, yesterday we had our first. Sue interrupted a hawk that had just dispatched Wheezy. Poor Wheezy. Sue feels bad, but all the other chickens were hiding, Wheezy just never liked going into the tractor. First chicken in three years. That’s pretty amazing. Continue reading

goose update

I promised you a goose update today… so here we go, short and sweet. Sue had one egg crack. It wasn’t viable – there were a couple she thought were not going to make it, and I think this was one of them. It had really started to stink, so she removed it from the incubator. They are at day 25 today and I found this sight that has information from day day 251 through to hatching. It’s pretty interesting if you want to check it out here.  I’m just going to borrow their day 25 photo for now.  This is what the embryo would look like at day 25. We’re hoping we have a couple that make it, but you just never know… especially since this is the first attempt. The book David gave me for Christmas has really helped Sue out a great deal. At this juncture, as of tomorrow, the eggs won’t be turned any more, or submerged in water. Sometimes it can take up to 3 days for them to hatch completely. Keeping our fingers crossed! We’ll keep you updated, until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: Became rather cloudy. Maybe expecting rain on Thursday. Our high today was 67°, currently – at 7:52 p.m., it is 55°. Overnight low going down to 37° – that’s pretty warm for us compared to the last few ,mornings. Sunrise was at 7:20, and sunset at 5:40 today.

Egg Report: Monday – 16 chicken, 4 duck, 0 goose.   Tuesday – 14 chicken, 2 duck, 1 goose.


crazyWe are all kinds of crazy here. We don’t really try to hide it; generally, we embrace it. Good thing too, with all our crazy animals, we fit right in. There’s always something funny going on over here. You just never know what you’ll see on any given day. Sometimes they’re just small little cute things, sometimes they are things that really make you go hmm? Continue reading


good tidingsWe are enjoying the final days of Christmas; the tree is lit and shining, all the lights are on the bureau, and the candles are lit in the little votives. Tomorrow is the last day of Christmas and we’ll begin removing the decorations. We were so busy this season that only yesterday did we sit down and write our respective holiday missives, Sue did a great job of summing up the farm info, and I added a few other remembrances, so thought we’d just recap here. Some of you may be receiving the entire recap in the mail soon, so if you want to skip this one, feel free. Continue reading

new year’s eve

2020Here we are. The end of another decade; unbelievable. This particular evening finds us both rather under the weather- Sue more so than – so we are home watching a marathon of Mission Impossible movies. It started raining, out of the blue this evening, so we’re pretty well in for the night – after we tuck in the chickens anyway. We’ll probably be in bed by 9pm, so we’re wishing you a happy new year right now! Continue reading


Image result for chillin'"Hello. I hope your Christmas was wonderful. We started out with breakfast with Sue’s Son’s family. Got some cute photos of Irie opening presents. I didn’t blog on Thursday because I was studying for a final on Friday (which I passed, FYI). We’ve had some cold, cold days. Yesterday we had snow, which was beautiful coming down in the morning. Our first inkling was when SweetPea, the German Shepherd, came back in with snowflakes all over her back. It was still quite dark and we couldn’t see past the porch. As it began to lighten, it was obvious it had been snowing for some time. Continue reading


And-they-re-off-racing-logo…they’re off! Or maybe it should be “in”. Sue has started the incubation of six goose eggs.  As this is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, it is a bit nerve wracking. Several things to remember to take care of… also had to find a place to set up the incubator.  So here’s what we’re doing. Continue reading