we did it

we-did-it-tsfinally-over-13934865That’s how I felt around 8 p.m. last night. I suppose I shouldn’t get so tired when we work on this particular aspect of the farming, but it always take a great deal out of me. I think it takes a bit out of Sue as well, but she said it is getting easier. I must confess, that it is a bit easier – I think the first time we processed, we did 7. We’ve done 15 in one day… I think that was an exceptionally long day.  Yesterday was only considerably long. 🙂 Continue reading

dang goats

dang goatOK – I don’t have any new photos for you and not much out of the ordinary is going on here, except Scooby has been regularly escaping from their dedicated space lately. Dang goat. (OK – yes the photo is a stretch, and I know that g.o.a.t. stand for “greatest of all time” but I thought it was funny to find it on a hat. If you like it, you can get it from Dang Chicks website; check ’em out – they have some really cute stuff.) Continue reading


vacationYes, it is that time of year when many people – especially those with kids out of school – take a summer vacation. They go visit their folks in Kansas (Hi, Mrs. Higbee), they send kids off to camp or to visit their relatives, they go camping, they go to beach, or Alaska, or, or, or.  I just want to remind you that, when you go on vacation, your local egg supplier is left with extra eggs to sell. Just sayin’. Continue reading


next-arrow-mdSo, hey – we’ve got things going on. We’ve got a freezer full of veggie-sicles for the chickens. We’ve got watering going on  because the trees are hot and dry. We’ve got a clean house because the keeper was here today (yay!). We’ve got the old cabbages cleared out and fed to the chickens making room for some new plantings. We’ve got chicken pies in the oven getting cooked for dinner. What’s next on our list of happenings? Continue reading

it’s heatin’ up

MonsoonEven though summer doesn’t begin until June 21st, we are heatin’ up all the same. Monday we had our first peek at monsoonal type moisture; accompanied by a rather destructive micro burst in Bisbee. Today we have rather high clouds and are a bit muggy; hopefully this is a good portend for our monsoonal season. This is a photo from the National Park Service… but it is a good example of what we will be seeing in just a matter of weeks. Continue reading


trogon-male-full-frontBeauty is everywhere – yes, even in the desert – or maybe, especially in the desert. We can become immune to it, if we see it every day. I find that happens to me when I stay too focused on the work-a-day world. I try to remind myself to seek out the beauty and the humor. This time of year, after spring rains and before Monsoon, can definitely seem bleak; it becomes quite warm and dry, we’re at a dull brown/green right now, but if you go up into the Huachucas – the Sky Islands – you see a different world. This is a photo of an Elegant Trogon – they come up to southeast Arizona to nest in wooded canyons this time of year. They – and other birds – are beautiful additions to our bleak season. Continue reading


surprise-621x320You know how I always say something to the effect of “Not sure what the rest of the week holds for us, but we’ll be sure to let you know!”? Well, that statement couldn’t be more true than today. I came home from work later than normal, and there were all these huge trucks around our driveway and cones up, tractors, rollers, asphalt layers – I actually said out loud, “What in the heck is going on?” As far as I knew, we didn’t have any work planned. I was completely surprised by what I saw. Continue reading

guess what?

Tuesday clothes lineChicken butt! Originally, I simply entitled this post “Tuesday” but – after writing everything and looking at the photos, I thought the “guess what” was a bit more funny. Pardon my playground humor. Anyway… Here we are, beginning the new schedule. I’m hoping this works out ok. On Tuesday, we really just have Monday to talk about, as Sunday is our Sabbath. So let’s see what we’ve got to share with you about yesterday and today. Continue reading