“friday, friday…

IMG_2623…friday is my favorite day.” Yes, I know, I’m running behind quite a bit today. I took the time to fill a couple goals – a little out of order, but I can rectify that tomorrow. No worries. The big goal for today was to clean out the goat babies’ crate and put fresh straw in there.  I had been adding to it, for that deep litter method, but it was kinda rank. They pee a lot! So, cleaned it all out and then put all fresh new hay in there. Also put some new on the shed floor as well as Taco George has been kind of compacting it. The babes are beginning to realize that they can use the ramp to get up there fast! So when I was adding the new hay the were all up in my face playing. It was really cute, but a bit frustrating. They are so friendly and playful it’s been quite fun. Taco George likes them too, but not when they hog all of the attentions. I just make sure to give him hugs and loves to. He’s a happy boy. Continue reading


pooped cat

How I feel.

That’s my goal this week; maintaining the status quo. Sue is off on her week long class at U.C. Davis and I’m doing my best to hold down the fort. Day #2 (well, one and a half) and I’m already pooped. I had this list, in my head, of things I was going to get done before Sue got home. Somehow, I don’t think I’m going to make it. We’ll just have to see. Here’s the list of things that happened today. Continue reading

the short report

Seems like I’m continually saying that it’s got be a short report today. Well, it’s the truth – yet again. This week has been so busy and it only continues through the weekend. This month we are celebrating our church’s 50th anniversary, and – as usual – we’re right in the thick of things. Sue’s already at church rehearsing for the 50 things she’s doing (that’s an exaggeration), and I’ll be leaving as soon as all the animals are in bed.  So, guess what? We’ve got a short report today. Continue reading


ProgressEven though the posts are generally shorter, Wednesdays are generally productive days; this was no exception. With Ron out of order, due to illness and visitors, Sue has begun to tackle the remaining tasks on the RCW on her own. Plus, she’s been stocking up the feed and seed and alfalfa and hay for when she’s going to be gone (starting this Sunday, back next Sunday). Travel always takes way more preparation than you initially realize, but I think it’s important that Sue takes the time to attend this class, and have some time away too. I shouldn’t be the only one who gets to play! Anyway, progress is always a good thing, even though you can’t always recognize that you’re actually making it. Continue reading

chestnut update

IMG_2587Well, Ron was pretty ill yesterday and wasn’t able to come and work on the RCW; consequently, I don’t have any new information on that. So, yes. Let’s talk about the chestnut orchard. This is a project that is being concurrently worked on from a few different angles. As you know, the trees came and are being temporarily rooted into bright pots from the dollar store. They are quite happy so far, in their temporary homes. As you can see from the photo at right, they are leafing out like CRAZY! When we get them into the ground, they should be well rooted in the dirt. They came to us as bare root trees, that looked like plain ol’ sticks and now they are absolutely full of life. When are we going to plant them, you may ask? We’re not exactly sure. Continue reading

so close…

IMG_1459OK, so here’s the deal. Ron and Sue worked on the RCW yesterday and got soooo much done! There only two things left to do, so it may be done in the next day or so… then we need to paint it. Here’s a peek at the inside with the IMG_1458nesting box on the right, and the four roosts at the back of the wagon. It looks so very cool in there. It has that illusion where it looks so much bigger on the inside than it does from the outside – like that tent, in Harry Potter. Sue and Ron must have used an undetectable Extension Charm. Here’s a link, in case you just don’t understand anything I’m talking about. Continue reading

some new arrivals

Guess what?! We had some new arrivals today. Which means that I also have some sad news to share. While I was away in Charlotte, Sue had to contend with the death of one of our Goat Boys. Mine (that’s the goat’s name, just as a reminder) had been ailing, as Sue first thought, then we thought he was doing better, but he was not. We don’t really know too much about their history, nor how old they were, so we don’t really know much of what was happening.  We did try to find a vet to come and look at them, but we were not able to locate any vet in the area who works with goats. So, we were only able to make him as comfortable as possible. Needless to say, Taco George was incredibly lonely after that. We both agreed we needed to find him some type of company. And so the search began…. Continue reading

it’s a Good friday

Hey! Thanks for logging on to read what’s happening. Yep, we’ve been off-line for a bit – two posts missed. It worries the folks when we’re not on schedule, but it’s a Good Friday to update from the week.  Are you already anticipating what the egg report is going to look like! Maybe I’ll create a table for the week – that’s a good idea, we’ll see what I come up with.  Otherwise here’s the week’s update. Continue reading