threading the needle

threadLast Saturday was the day we had set aside to move the RCW. I had mentioned this was an interesting, if difficult, process and I’d take some photos of the more interesting segments. You know, when you have plans they never really go the way you think they should. I didn’t take any video, and I kept forgetting to take photos until after the fact; but I still have a fun fact to share with you. It’s about the most difficult way to thread the needle. Continue reading

it’s electric

electric currentDoes that title bring to mind any song from the 80’s with specific dance moves attached to it? Electric Slide anyone? Well, if you’re not too sure exactly what I mean and you make through to the end of this post today, “I’ll teach you, teach you, teach you; I’ll teach you the electric slide.” Anyway… what Sue suggested I write about today is the visit from our two math-physics-engineering friends Ron and Kathy. See this graphic to the right? It’s all just nonsense to me, but these two super bright people get this kind of stuff. So, before we ever embark into possibly difficult or dangerous territory, we ask them to take a field trip and impart magnificent words of wisdom unto our ears. Continue on, if this sounds interesting. Continue reading

new and exciting

new-and-excitingOk, so maybe not really that exciting, but definitely new.  Well, not brand new, but definitely new to us. Even though we’re sorta still caught in those doldrums we talked about last week, Sue is fighting the good fight to get out of them (I’m just floundering). In her attempt to paddle out of the calm sea area, Sue has purchased a new to us piece of equipment. It’s something she’s been wanting for a while now and we thought we had a good lead, then it rather fizzled, but recently was brought to life again. Can any one guess??? Continue reading

snow on the mountain

snow on the mountainDoes that sound like something from Lord of the Rings? Wait, I think that was King Under the Mountain. (thought I could make something of that for the first image, but couldn’t find anything that really works). The storm that was a comin’ finally arrived this morning. It poured on and off all day, and when the clouds cleared a bit Sue was able to snap a quick shot of the snow on the mountains. This is our second snow of the winter; not that it reached us. We’re at a pretty high elevation, but the snow was staying over 5,000 feet. Sure looks pretty though.  Is this where we start singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”? Continue reading

storm’s a comin’

IMG_3592You know how your grandpa used to say he could feel the weather change in his bones? I always believed that, because I usually felt weather change in my head – but lately, my whole body gets in the act! We do have a storm coming in from the south and we can see it in the sky, hear it on the wind, and – yes – feel it in our bones. We’re just really hoping that the rain doesn’t pass us by. Supposedly heavy by Friday. We’ll let you know! Continue reading


Doldrums bannerWe’ve kinda hit the doldrums around here. As I started thinking about this post, I looked up, first, the spelling, then, some photos. I’m not a seafarer, so I don’t use this word in my everyday lexicon, and I wanted to spell it dulldrums – because I associate the word with dull times – but I found differently. I still don’t know the origin, I didn’t want to spend that much time, but I did find that it refers to a specific area in the equatorial region that experiences ocean calms, but can also be plagued with sudden storms and light, unpredictable winds. In the more modern usage, it’s come to refer to a time of waiting; waiting for something to happen so you can go on to the next step. That’s sorta us. Crazy times, man. Continue reading


chickens investigatingSo just a quick report on what Sue’s been up to the last couple of days. As you know, Vicente and his new flock of girls have been in with the goats a couple of days now. Today was the day they got to be let out in their new home. Sue reworked a door for the chickens because there was just too much that could go wrong with the door that we were going to use at first. There would have had to be another ramp installed, and then the goats would have wanted to jumps on it and play around with it… it was just better to create a new door that the chickens can use for in and out privileges, but the goats would not be able to use – or abuse – at all. In this photo you can see the little door at the bottom, cut into the bigger people door. It works like a dog door – and there is a cover that can be put into the guides on either side that covers the door for evening. Continue reading