friday, funday

Write no this evening from the midst of the Neighborhood Market. This is our second time here, still trying out. Lots of really great vendors with fun stuff to eat/make/purchase. Lovely customers coming for the very first time and liking what they see! So far, I think this little trailer is my favorite. I haven’t tried any of her baked goods, but saw this little trailer and it made me think of my friend Caylor… she could totally pull off a trailer makeover like this. Has a great little kitchen in there. So fun! There areimg_2760-1 only two problems with being the only one at the booth: it’s difficult to visit the other booths and you don’t have anyone to give me a potty break! Last week Mom was here to help- so I was fine. Then miss Holly came by with Gus and Jack- so I could even go and eat! Need to make a friend here :). Plus, I need someone to help me with my sign. The wind was drying out my chalk pen before I was halfway done with the wording. Hey! wait, there are Holly and Mrs. Higbee with the whole family. Thank you, Mrs. Higbee, for giving me a potty break! Now I’m back, and- Look! Sue came to check everything out. Cool, maybe I can talk her into buying me a cookie from that cute little trailer.

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typical monsoon downpour

Sue’s been thinking a lot about water lately. I’m hoping that means that the Monsoon Season is quickly arriving. According the National Weather Service, the “official” start of Monsoon season is June 15th. The doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be getting a rain on that particular day, but that “in general” the season begins around then. Technically it begins when the dew point is at 55° for three days in a row, in Phoenix. But the weather service got tired of trying to get that information out and decided to just pick a date. Whatever, we’re praying for it! But praying for it, also means you need to plan for it! Holding it, directing it, moving it, using it, keeping it out of structures, etc. So, we’ve been talking about a few ways of doing that. Continue reading


market.jpgThe folks are here, so its been a fun weekend. Saturday was a busy day as usual. Mom and I went to the Bisbee Farmers’ Market, to see what we could sell. It’s a bit difficult to unload “inventory” when almost every booth is selling eggs. But I think we have the corner on the market for “interesting” eggs. We’ve had a repeat customer looking for the Bantum eggs, which I only started taking on a whim, but she’s been seeking them out now a couple of times. So, I’m hoping that she is a customer for life now 🙂 . And we garner a great deal of interest with the Goose’s eggs. Not too many people are brave enough to try them, but sometimes the kids can talk their folks into getting them. I’ve started taking little cartons to box up the goose eggs, one at a time, if they sell. Came in handy at the Neighborhood market, one young man was quite excited to try the egg. (A quick side note about the Neighborhood Market: Friday I stated that I wasn’t sure if we made enough to cover our booth fee, but what I found out is that the first time was free – so everything we made there was profit. Nice!) We also have the only Welsh Harlequin Duck eggs around and people have been seeking them out lately as well. People who have baked with the duck eggs know how good they are. Maybe I should print up some recipes to hand out with the duck eggs so people who are curious will have something to try. Continue reading

neighborhood market

IMG_2733This is going to be a short post because I am way tired and it has been a very long day. Today was our first sojourn to the Neighborhood Market here in Hereford. Mom and I went tonight. I didn’t realize that they had switched to Summer Hours, so it was actually 4pm – 7pm. I was hoping to sell the majority of the eggs, but we only sold 5 dozen. I don’t think that covers our stall fee. It is a relatively small market and I think today there were only slightly more customers than vendors. But, it was a nice community Market with lots of great families and kiddos playing. I’m hoping that it’ll pick up in the near future. Jessica, the lady who runs the Market is doing lots of social media postings, different places, photos, doing interviews with customers and vendors… she is getting it out in the paper and on the community calendars – all over town.  Sometimes these things just take a while to catch on. It’s a great meeting place for the community though. So we’ll just see how the market grows.  Continue reading


monday-tuesday-wednesday-thursday-blink-monday-coA5Dand… it’s Monday.  Sue and I were just talking about how quickly time files. Days are fleeting in and of themselves, weeks and months melt away. It is amazing to me. Especially when we are trying to get anything accomplished. I know that there are scientific reason why time seems to speed up as you get older, but I can’t always wrap my mind around that. Makes my head hurt some days – yet it fascinates me. I like listening to pod casts about this interesting topic… if you want to explore along with me try Radio Lab: there’s one specific episode I’m thinking of called “Beyond Time” – I’ve given you the link there, also look into Krista Tippett’s show “On Being” – she interviews some pretty cool people who talk about the essence of time. I’m thinking specifically of physicist Brain Greene who said recently, in a conversation with Krista Tippett about “Re-imagining the Cosmos,” (hey! this took me a while to find again – so check it out.) “If you went by your senses, you would think that time is universal. [That] It ticks off the same rate for everyone, regardless of their motion or the gravity that they are experiencing. We know for a fact that that is not true. We all carry our own clock, and it ticks at a rate that is hugely dependent on those features of motion and gravity. So there’s a very long list of things that you would be completely misled by if you relied on your senses to understand how that feature of the world works.”  That sort of stuff blows my mind— I LOVE IT!  Anyway, here we are today, experiencing our own time, through the week, over the weekend, and *blink* we’re at Monday. So. What’s gone on? Continue reading

i don’t know why…


chicken surprised.jpg.500x490_q67_crop-smart_upscale-true…sometimes I really experience writer’s block – especially mid week – and I definitely don’t have any photos to share of anything new. So, what’s been going on since Monday? I  suppose we can do a bullet list of happenings.had

  • Monday evening, after our fun field-trip visitors, we took a look at Duck-Duck’s foot. At first glance it looked like maybe we were all done and we began to celebrate. Thought we could just let her take a nice bath, soak her little feet, and then let her out of solitary that night. We did all those things; she took a nice long bath, we soaked her feet in Epsom salts, but when we looked at her foot more closely after the soaking – we could see some more infection had come up. So Sue took a pair of tweezers to pull out the plug, and it just came out so beautifully. Popped right out like a cork! (I was going to put a photo here from someone else’s plug, but they are all a bit gross – so, if you’re really interested, you can look that up on your search engine of choice.)  We cleaned it out and wrapped it up for what may be the very last time.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll check it out and see how she’s faring.

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field trip!

IMG_2700For once, it’s not us going on a field trip, but a trio of friends who stopped by to visit the chickens and meet the goats, among others. Serena, along with her mother, Samantha, and her little brother, Colson, came to check out the farm. She brought Sue this amazing sign which you see at left and that is now hanging up on the kitchen fridge! She’s a budding young graphic designer. Anyway, we thought we’d share their visit with you. Continue reading

new (or nude) arrivals

blindersWe have four new-to-us chickens that we picked up today. Sex-links whose owner was trying to find them a less stressful home. They were raised with four Ameraucanas, but early on they had an “incident” which seems to have affected the temperament of the small flock. The owners had to use chicken “blinders” to keep them from picking on each other… it had gotten so bad that one almost died. But we think that the prolonged use of the blinders caused some stress on the chickens; they have been loosing their feathers for some time and just aren’t growing them back.  They had been receiving a wonderfully high protein diet, they had a really nice coop and attached run, they had been getting out to free range on the property several times a week, they were, and are still, laying well – but their feathers were just a horrible issue.
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