block wallIt’s been a long time since I’ve been in this particular spot. I have hit a block wall this week. Generally I can work through it and come up with something to write about, but if you could see into my brain, you would see something that looks exactly like the photo at the left. We’ve kind of been hunkering down for the winter and the holidays. Busy with so many things, but feeling like we’re running around in circles. We’ve been enjoying amazing sunrises and sunsets and have tried to share them with you on our Facebook page, and some here. I’m afraid, all I have for you are photos. Continue reading

more winterizing

winter-quote-3We really like the winter, except the cold and the dark and the wind. Otherwise – it’s wonderful! Seriously, the cooler temperatures during the day are wonderful… but we are not liking the really cold winds that have preceded this next storm. The last rains were more than welcome and the ground is still nice and moist from them. There is an incredibly slight chance that we will get snow sometime in the next few days, but – for Dad’s sake – we’re asking it to hold off. Hasn’t stopped the winterizing tasks though, as we had several things still to do. Continue reading

forget it…

Knit-Faster…winter isn’t coming, it’s already here! So, I knit and I read, so after I read the “Game of Thrones” I chuckled heartily when this little phrase started popping up all over after the series started to air. I always try to knit faster, but I’m easily distracted. Now winter has arrived with truly gale force winds heralding its frigid arrival. Continue reading

little door for the littles

IMG_4955Today we had time for a little project this morning, after chores (and a few sips of coffee). Our littles need to be moving down and out to make room for the new littles coming soon. For a while now Sue has wanted to put a door that goes directly to the bottom brooder so that we can let them have their own indoor/outdoor access without the biggies chasing them. So, we did the very first steps today. Continue reading

catch up

catsupYou know how sometimes I get distracted by going down worm holes looking for images to match my title? Well, happened again today. I thought I would be a great idea to have a small bottle of ketchup  to go with the title. Then I went the “catsup” vs. “ketchup” route. There is a great deal of energy surrounding that controversy. I decided to stay clear of it an use a photo with both spelling…I think it’s funny, all on its own. Anyway – wanted to do a bit a “ketchup” today, but only regarding the farm. If you want to delve into the difference between “ketchup” and “catsup”… here’s a great article for you. Continue reading

WaaP Live

watch-liveI had a change of program this week, switched my Monday and Tuesday work schedule around, and I haven’t been the same since. I probably should have posted on Monday, but that would have been odd all around. Here is the makeup post for this week :).

I think it’s funny that our blog site is – and we’ve had our first “live” event recently, so we were truly Wing and a Prayer, Live! It is abundantly clear that we need to work on our Live stuff… we had to use my phone, because my laptop wouldn’t get a wifi signal for some reason, and our signal is spotty to begin with. Our signal booster died, so I need work on an upgrade for that. We had one live “watcher” (thanks Christy W.!) and then 29 other views. If you didn’t get the opportunity to tune in, don’t worry because you’ll now be inundated with photos and videos and the Facebook link today! Continue reading