pluckerOur fun thing for today: Do you remember that song from the Smothers Brothers?  “My old man is a cotton pickin’, finger-lickin’, chicken plucker! What do ya think about that?”  It’s been going round in my head all day because we purchased a Chicken Plucker from Tractor Supply.  Who knew you could get those?  We had to order it to be delivered to the store here, but it was less expensive than anything else we found on line. We also ordered a scalder from Walmart.  Getting set up for some butchering later on this year.  

That’s a difficult thing for me to think about… Sue’s gotta be in charge of that one!  Even though I grew up on a small family farm – and we butchered rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and even goats; and had a butcher come for pigs and cows – it’s now something that is difficult for me.  I know it’s what we’re getting into, and something that will need to happen, but I’m just going to have to pray through it and thank the little things for giving us the sustenance that we need.  I think I’ll be a better bee keeper, goat milker and gardener than I will be a husbandman.  Division of labor is a good thing right?