We’ve been trying to keep Sunday as our “day of rest,” or at least do things that are fun for us individually.  For me, today, that was going to the Military Intelligence Corps Band concert after church; for Sue, it was attending services at FCC in Ramona… listening to the music/choral groups she started show their stuff, receiving personal accolades from one of her favorite composers as well as a signed copy of the music he composed in her honor… she really didn’t know that was going to happen, but I think she had some fun.  For the chickens, it was taking a day off from laying. The photo on the left shows an empty nest.  No eggs for us to steal today! 

img_0466Guess it varies, what we each think is fun.  Last Sunday Sue completed most of the work on the first chicken tractor. She built this following plans from Justin Rhodes’ Chickshaw (abundantpermaculture.com). If you’ve never seen his Vlog – check it out, they are pretty amusing posts. Anyway,  Sue did this in 3 days!  She’s a dynamo. Last Sunday she just couldn’t rest until it was done.  We just need to find some milk cartons that will fit in the back for the nests and it’s complete.  This is what we’ll move the chickens in as they go from field to field.  Pretty darn cool!

Who knows what next Sunday holds for us, but I’m sure we’ll be “resting” yet again. It was a pretty quiet day here, so that’s all for now.  As always, thanks for reading.