chickshsaw-useIt seemed like a long day today, but we spent a great deal of it in town, rather than home on the farm. We weren’t really able to get to many projects today, but the afternoon was exciting for us, and for the littles. Today they graduated into the chickshaw. We wanted to give them some roaming room~ they’re getting so big really quickly~ and we weren’t sure about letting them out with the bigs.  So, we put up the smaller electrified poultry net, 50′ long, that you can sort of see behind the chicks, and wheeled in the new chickshaw.  They aren’t laying of course, so Sue just temporarily screwed up some of the siding over the area where we need to add the nesting boxes.  We moved ’em in the evening, so they would overnight in the chickshaw and tomorrow morning they will have a whole lot of new ground to cover! The wooden door you see unlatches and becomes their ramp in and out. Normally, we’ll have the food and water on the ground, not in the pen because they’ll only go in there at night. They don’t know it yet, but they’ll be so much happier.  Then, we’ll be able to easily move them around to different areas of the property, when they’re ready to start working.   Small steps, but important ones.

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