img_2597So, this Permaculter Class Sue and I are taking through Oregon State University has been really quite informative.  Some of the design questions that need to be answered or addressed are rather common sense, if you’re paying attention to the environment, but others that we’re studying make me go hmmm.   One of the common sense ones is: paying attention to wind direction; however, our wind directions are quite fickle, and gusty!  They play havoc with our gardens because we can water in the morning and then in a couple of hours everything is completely dried out.  We’re trying to decide where to plant a wind break, but the wind comes from all directions~ we can’t just wall in everything (tho’ we might have enough rock to do that!).   AND sometimes it’s so incredibly strong that it just picks up the chicken chalets and tosses them around.  How rude!

This happened to use last week, one large gust in the afternoon picked up both the little kit coops and turned them upside down and flung their roofs far and wide.  The larger of the two sustained the most damage, but both needed some fixin’.  This gives Sue a chance to hone her carpentry skills and figure out bracing and attachments.  Usually it involves a few trips to Home Depot, but this time there was only one trip, to find some smaller L brackets.  This time, once they were fixed, we drove in some landscaping stakes with hooks on them to help hold them down.  So far they’ve withstood some good winds… we’ll see how long they last!

I’m on the road this week, so it’s rather short and sweet.  I’ll try to continue to post as I have wifi access.  As always,
Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: my phone said it was 47° again this morning with an excepted high of 76°.   I’m currently in Ramona, California and they are experiencing a Santa Ana, so it’s been a little windy and quite warm (comparatively).