img_2701-1Short post today, it’s been a long day for both Sue and I; actually, Sue is playing for the Vesper Service right now at church, so the day isn’t over quite yet for her.  I’m playing hooky because of my very early morning work day tomorrow.  Anyway… one of the neat things I like about this new venture is being able to grow some of our own vegetables and lots of fresh herbs! Sue’s not quite as ecstatic about it as I am, so I try to sneak vegetables in things all the time.  The photo on the right is our first small harvest of kale greens from the garden.  I love them when they’re just new like that, they’re so tender and sweet.  I chopped these up and added them to rice that I was steaming.  It looks pretty too, and Sue will eat her greens that way!  I’ll also add them to soups and stews that I make, especially if I’m going to be using the immersion blender to make a creamed soup.  She never knows! Well, that’s not really true.   But it tastes good!

Other things we still have growing in the garden are cabbages, spinach, and broccoli. Surprisingly, my cilantro is still doing really well, even though we’ve had some very, very cold days.  I’ve given my tender herbs like that their own little greenhouses and I think it’s helped quite a bit.  The one thing that did not survive was the dill.  The grasshoppers ate it down to nothing in one day.  ONE DAY!  Have to rethink that one; it might be an “on the porch herb” once we have it screened in.

Sorry this is so short and sweet. Maybe the next one will be better.
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Today’s Weather: I was inside at work all day, but Sue said it was a lot warmer.  According to the Weather on my phone, the high was 59° under an overcast sky, and it’s supposed to get down to 30° sometime tonight. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny  but the high is predicted to be only 48°. We’ll see…..