paintingWe need to finish some projects! We have some friends that will be visiting over the next 4 or 5 days and so Sue’s been working on finishing projects. One big one was the processing, which was a success. And, now, with Dustin visiting, Sue’s had a little help with some other things. An important project that’s been lagging is painting the chicken coop. During the rains, we found out that the siding on the coop is like a large sponge and so it had started buckling in some places, not badly, but enough that the guys who put up the coop suggested we  paint really quickly. As of today, it’s almost complete. Tomorrow they will paint the trim and be all done with it.  Another project will be checked off the list!

img_0189The next one on the list, probably won’t be done, but we’ll get back to tackling soon, is the roof on the goat’s lean-to. In one of the wind storms, part of the roof to the lean-to was blown off. We had to take down half of the roof in order to fix it; the beams had burned during the Monument Fire which passed through the property in 2011. Anyway, Sue cut new rafters and we hung most of them the other day. We have two more cross pieces to hang and then we can put the tin back up on the roof. Working on the roof, there are so many boxes to check that we just haven’t made it yet: we have to make sure it’s not going to be a windy day, I have to get home in time, Sue has to have paced herself to have the energy to do the drilling etc.  Just hasn’t come to pass yet.

Perhaps after our company has gone, we’ll also have time to complete the design and set-up of the vegetable garden. Sue has done so much clearing for where we’re thinking of putting the first garden. She also moved a whole lot of mulch into the area and we’re letting it settle. Here are two photos of before and after of where the garden will be…


July 2016


February 2017

We went through the seeds that we already have, and looks like we could plant a pretty decent garden with just what we have on hand. We’ll start the seeds indoors and then transplant once we agree on where!  It’ll be a good thing.


I suppose those are the most pressing projects at the moment; however, there will always be projects. We will always have something to research. Case in point: this morning I woke up and Sue had already been on the computer researching living fences and purchasing seeds for trees that we’ll use to make them. Takes four years, but by then you have a fence as high as a horse that will keep livestock in and deer out! Heck, let’s try it! And when we do, we’ll let you know.
Until then, as always,
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather:  We did make it to 81° today, low was only 47°.  Tomorrow it will be more of the same.

Egg Report: 3 eggs today!  None from the littles though.  And I think that Immen is still mourning Ahmen… she came over to the fence and complained to me that her partner has disappeared.  Nothing I say makes her feel better, so I just apologize.  Who knew that chickens became so attached to each other?