IMG_0537This Thursday or Friday (we think) we’ll be receiving our next batch of Chicks, Grey Rangers (more about these later on this week). 15 little bitty babies again.  What this means is that we needed to move the Delawares, Ducks, and Roman out of the top area in order to make room for the newbies. Yesterday, Sue and I brought over the large dog crate and one of the finch cages because we had to separate everyone out from each other. The chicks had started to peck around the eyes of the ducks whenever they felt they were in the way.  The ducks just decided to take it. We didn’t want the chicks to continue with this behavior if we were going to keep the ducks, goose and chickens together as adults.

Now, we have the ducks in the large dog crate, the chickens are in the lower brooder area, and poor little Roman is in the finch cage.  Roman not too happy there, he/she has had to be sequestered because the chickens and ducks both pick on him when they’re together. Poor little goose.  When we get the new chicks, once they are a bit bigger, we may be able to put him in with them, or as Roman gets older and bigger and can hold his own, we may be able to put him back in with the chickens and ducks… he/she will eventually be bigger than all of them.  The goose may be small now, but just watch out all you fowl; Roman can take over the world!- or at least the chicken yard ( you know, like “Pinky and the Brain”… it’s ok, click on the link under the photo if you don’t understand my obscure cartoon reference). Until then, he’s in protective custody and none too happy about it.  When he/she gets out, and/or when the weather is good enough for Romans first bath, we’ll share the event with you.  Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: The day started out amazingly beautiful.  Just a few clouds, warming up nicely through out the day, but now – those awful winds are back.  The phone says that they’re at 16 mph, but when we go outside, we almost get blown off our feet; that is NOT 16 mph!  Our high today was around 72° and the low is forecast at 44°.  The wind gives it about a 4° chill factor… supposedly. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 72° with a low of 41°.

Egg Report: We had a low day today, but – hey- it’s Monday right? Things area always a little slow on the first day of the work week. Especially after having a stellar day yesterday with everyone laying an egg.