FullSizeRender (21)Really, they are. We enjoy watching them, from afar, do their little chicken things. You wonder what the heck is going through their little bird brains. They make us laugh. It is quite relaxing – like watching a fish tank. You never know what they’re going to do. Yesterday, Sue went out in the afternoon and saw the Delawares’ rooster lying flat out on the ground by the escape hatch. She thought he was dead and beheaded. He was simply lying in the shade with his head through the bars trying to get at the food on the ground. Silly thing, at least it was in the shade!  Sue made the escape hatch for the little Specks as we knew they would be the lowest in the pecking order and would need to be able to get to their own food and water. The Delawares try really hard to get in there, but only one has ever made it. That one has been picked on by the ducks for some time, quite badly actually – and we recently put it in isolation so it’s wounds could heal and may be not so picked on when it gets back into the flock.

FullSizeRender (22)Our recent addition of the water mister has been a hit! As the temperature continues to climb, the chickens find that they enjoy hanging out in the mist more and more. Yesterday, Maeve and one of the Easter Eggers had fun chasing the bubbles that were spritzed out from time to time. I wonder if they were disappointed when they caught them. They have also all been chasing the bugs, mostly moths and gnats, that wander in to their area after some moisture. That is some good entertainment there. Don’t believe me??? You need to come watch it for yourself; just try not to laugh.

IMG_0950The little Specks continue to be our favorites right now. Whenever we go in the coup to do anything, they congregate around our feet and follow us. If we’re not in the coop – they can be found in the escape hatch, in the shade and protected from the prevailing winds; but once we step over the fence, there they are. We think they feel safe when we’re around… their protectors from the mean, older chickens!

All of the chickens have their own little personalities and we’ve been able to name some of them based on that, or their looks or whatever. But many remain nameless. Come, visit, and help us name them… it’s good, old fashioned entertainment. We’re always up for visitors; come purchase a dozen eggs, or a whole chicken – take some summer squash off our hands! We welcome you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

This Weekend’s Weather: HOT! We are mirroring the weather in San Diego County. Yesterday it was 97° and supposed to be getting warmer all through the week.

Egg Report: Thursday we only had four eggs… I still blame the heat, but I think they are getting used to it, because yesterday we were back up to 7. Too early for today’s report.

As a Side Note: As you may have guessed because of the tardiness of this post, I’m traveling to California to spend Father’s Day with dad and visit some friends who recently had surgery.  This means that Monday’s post is going to be late as well, but then we’ll be back on track for a while.  Thanks for keeping us with us!