Sometimes, the challenge for me (as it pertains to this blog) is coming up with something to write about. Not because nothing is happening – there’s always something happening around here – but its hard to come up with big, exciting, interesting happenings. I really don’t like to simply blather along about nothing. So, today, I’m going to quickly talk about a few little things. Nothing major. 

FullSizeRender (31)Little Thing #1 This is usually what happens when I sit down to write, “Sue, did you take any photos today?” “I don’t remember, let me look. Oh, yes! I took a photo of ____________.” Today’s photo is of the Crepe Myrtle that is blooming. What I’ve noticed is there’s generally something blooming around here! I’m glad that Crepe Myrtle are doing so well; I actually was afraid they weren’t going to come back after the winter. But they are doing quite nicely, in spite of the beating they took from the wind.

IMG_1138Little Thing #2  This is just something I noticed when I was out watering yesterday. We’re still watering the non-native trees once or twice a week, depending on the weather, and we try to do a really deep water to encourage the roots to grow deep into soil. Sometimes I wonder what the reach of that water really is… then I went to water the apple trees that are planted on the outside reaches of the depression.  It may be a little difficult to tell from this photograph, but there is one apple tree almost centered in the photo and another up and to the right.  They may be more easily discerned if you look for the circle of green.  We don’t water those other green plants, only the tree in the middle… that is how widely the water goes out, below the soil, when we do a deep watering.  I just thought that was interesting.

20170630_1632381Little Thing #3 Our neighbor and friend, Julia (daughter of our neighbors Mike and Monica – she does our piano tuning!), is a high school artist and enjoys working in clay. After we saw some of her work, Sue got the idea to commission her to create labels for all of our trees. We purchased a humongous lot of a natural clay she chose (Dick Blick is great for that), gave her a list of our trees, and asked her to have fun. Today she called and asked us to come take a look at the first one; make sure we like where she’s going. Well, of course we do~ it’ll be neat to see it after it’s been glazed and fired, and then fun to attach them to the trees and have them all over the garden. That way, when I say, “You know, the Chinese Elm!” Sue will have a reference :).

Every day there are little things happening. Every day Sue has been working on some project or another. Every day we feed the animals, gather the eggs, remark on the weather or the sunset, pick the vegetables, and thank the Lord for the opportunity to take on this adventure. Every day I try to find ways to share this with you and every day I feel like I’m not doing enough to make it work. Some days are more difficult, some days you don’t get everything done that you want to… but everyday, through the little things that happen, there is progress being made. There will never be a day with out something to do; it just might not be a big thing. Whatever they are, whenever they happen, you know we’ll eventually share them here with you.  Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: It’s still rather warm, but not in the 100’s any more. Today the high was supposed to be 95°. Right now, at 9pm, it’s 78°.

Egg Report: Today we only received 5, but yesterday was a big day with 10 eggs. We have a new hen laying; I think it’s Sara!