Miller Peak

Rain on Miller Peak: Photo by Bruce Wertz

As I write this (Tuesday evening), it’s thundering quite loudly overhead and all around. We can see the rain washing over the mountains across the border and over the Huachucas just behind us. We’re hoping that in all the clouds’ wanderings, they’ll see fit to drop some rain on us! The lightening is so intense right now, we went out and shooed all the birds in. It rained a little bit, but not enough to really wet anything down.   This photo is from Monday, see the peak to the left that isn’t getting any rain? That where we are. The weather is not cooperating with our schedule.But that’s not what’s goofing off…  I am.

I’ll be off to Sedona over the next few days for an Executive Workshop. It’s part of the day job thing. I will still be blogging on Wednesday – finishing up this post – and on Friday. I hope to have some time to nose around Sedona and maybe take some photos that’ll end up here.  But, if not – then I know I’ll be able to rely on Sue for photos of what she’s doing this week while I’m gone.

IMG_1032As you know, there is always something going on. Sue was able to finish up the circle garden already. She went early in the morning to load up another truckload of horse manure from our friends the Kellys. Now all the quadrants are up to the boardwalks. When I get back, I think I’ll be adding the shred to the worm tunnels and wetting it down. Planning out the garden plantings, because I really think we still have time to get some things going.  It stays pretty warm here for a while and we don’t have that pesky daylight savings time change to worry about! We’ll see how we do with that.

The goings on aren’t always chore or work related. We laugh at something every single day! We’ve had some mice living around the coop… it’s the perfect place for them, really. Free food, once the chickens go to bed, easy access to water, hay to build your nest; the only thing to worry about are the chickens. Did you know chickens eat mice? Well, they catch and kill them, anyway~ not too sure about the eating part. The other day, I picked up a water bucket to fill it and a little mouse ran out right into the waiting beak of a chicken.  I’m just going to post the video Sue took of it here… the video is funny in and of itself. Hope you enjoy…

FullSizeRender (39)The dogs and cats are always entertaining as well! We have a lizard that lives on the back porch behind the chest freezer. He keeps the eaves and the porch, including underneath, clean and free of bugs and spiders. We like having him around. The cats have a love/hate relationship with him. They enjoy watching him through the window, but hate that they aren’t able to catch him. We caught Morgrim watching him earlier today. They get so frustrated! Poor cats. But we like the lizzard.  I think I’ll name him Eddie. 🙂


Today’s Weather: More of the same. Beautiful clouds that may or may not rain. Some mugginess, of course. Temps have been ok – especially if you’re in the shade. (In Sedona, we’re right in the middle of a huge thunder and rain storm.)

Egg Report: Yesterday (Tuesday) we had 8. Broke one as I was picking up the chicken – didn’t realize that she was actually laying an egg when I picked her up. She didn’t say anything! Today we had only 7.