weekend overSometimes there’s not a huge project going on around here, or the weather is so bad that we just can’t get anything done, so we look back and say “What happened to the weekend?” Although Saturday, Sue was able to accomplish a couple of important projects, it seemed like it was just a long drawn out weekend. I suppose some are simply like that. It didn’t help that Sunday the wind started to come up something fierce. It’s difficult to do things outside when it starts up to blow. Anyway~ here’s just a short update on the weekend.

FullSizeRender (80)Sue completed the temporary wind break for the young trees we’re trying to get going for the real wind break. During this time of year, the “nursery” gets rather blown around even though we have them in a normally protected area. When the wind gets going, it just comes from all directions and so we’re trying to protect them on their most vulnerable side. The lattice work is a bit broader than I envisioned, resulting in larger holes, but it still helps to give a wind break to the younger trees and bushes. Hopefully, through this windy season (which seems to last until late spring), they won’t end up as burnt as the others that were only semi-sheltered last year.

The other project that Sue was able to accomplish was getting the backhoe back on the tractor. There isn’t going to be much more rain to speak of, so the mower deck can come off now. The back hoe will be good to have as we, hopefully, will begin digging holes for planting trees in the spring. We are anticipating (hoping, praying) that we will be able to receive Chestnut trees for the orchard area from the Chestnut Tree Proliferation Project. We first read about them in the Permaculture Magazine and I thought that I did a post about it, but I can’t seem to find it. You can read more about it by clicking on the blue link above to an old article explaining what they’re doing. When I was e-mailing back and forth with James, the man who started the project, he asked me to get back in touch with him in October. So, now it’s October and I’ve done that, we’ll see where it may go! You know that I’ll share whatever happens with you right here!!! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

(We had a pretty amazing thing happen today, please continue reading for the “Cool Thing of the Week”.)

Today’s weather: WINDY! It’s finally calmed down quite a bit at 6:58 p.m.  Still quite warm outside.

IMG_1719Egg Report: Weekend egg production went down a bit 17 and 18, but today they made up for it with 23 chicken eggs (that made it into the house – Sue stepped on one that had been buried under the straw in the coop – so that would have been 24) and 3 duck eggs.  We currently have an abundance of eggs. Tomorrow Sue will take 6 dozen to church (packed in 1/2 dozen cartons so more people can benefit). But we still have a huge number packed into the fridge. There are several potlucks coming up in the month, so I know that we’ll be taking egg dishes to each of them! We’d rather sell them though, so let us know if you need any!

Cool Thing of the Week: OK, you may have taken a look at the page entitled “Dreaming into Reality” – if not, you can take a moment to do that by clicking on the blue link, or just click on those words at the top of the page. It’s where we’re keeping track of projects that we really need to work on, and posting the cost to get them underway. If someone wanted to, they could contribute to a specific project and help us get it going or completed.  Well – someone did! We received a check today for $100 from two of our staunch supporters here in Sierra Vista. Their names will go in our book “In the Fullness of Time” and we will keep track of the Tree(s) we purchase with their donation… we promised not to put a plaque on it! Thank you so very, very much 🙂 We couldn’t do what we are without supporters like you.