I feel odd writing today, so quickly after the last post. That’s what happens when the schedule gets yanked around. This is a long weekend for me – we actually get Columbus Day (AKA Indigenous Peoples Day – depending on which camp you’re in) off! I haven’t had that day off since I worked at a bank or brokerage. Something like 20 odd years ago.  So we have some plans for the weekend.

FullSizeRender (84)Today Sue worked really hard on the dove enclosure again and got it so close to being done. She took the photo at right half way through her morning. At this point the roof was completely done and half of the welded wire is on. After this she made the door, which also has a little swinging door in it so that she can just reach in to do food and water without having to open the larger door and chance them flying out. She had to IMG_1745wait until I got home to hang it in there – it’s too hard to hold and drill a door at the same time. It didn’t take too long to get it in there. Attached a hook to keep the swinging door closed when not in use. Just need to plane one corner that hangs up on the frame, and add a latch to keep the large door closed. Then we’ll be able to move in the little guys. Maybe tomorrow afternoon/evening. So, here’s a quick shot I took this evening to try to give you an idea of where it was at days end. Tomorrow morning I bet we finish things.

great weekendAlso tomorrow I need to take Belle to the Vet Clinic at Gem’s. Just for a check-up. And, at some point, I hope we can get to “Art in the Park” to get some locally made Christmas gifts! We have some friends that will be selling things there and it’ll be fun to visit with them. Depending on how things go, that might be a Sunday thing.  Monday, though, we’ll be going to Tucson to check out a Nursery up there, Cirvano, that has some native type trees and shrubs we’re going to check out. Want to get a GREAT tree with the funds that we were gifted. So we’ll be sure to document that little jaunt for you all, you know how it is. So, whatever you’re doing this weekend: putting your feet up with a cup of joe and a good book, flying home from Dublin, hauling the grandkid around, working at an art fair – I hope you have a GREAT weekend! We’ll catch you on Monday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: It was quite warm today; high was 89°. Was starting to get windy in the late afternoon, but now it has calmed back down again. Right now it is 73° and clear at 6:47 p.m.

Egg Report: Today was a banner day! 24 chicken eggs and 3 duck eggs. That’s good.

Cool thing: Sue got a pretty good photo of Sssam Rex. Maybe he’s getting used to people.FullSizeRender (85)