Who doesn’t like to receive an upgrade?! Well, unless it’s a Windows product, then you have to figure everything out again… but in general, I like upgrades. Well, the Littles’ side of the coop got a much anticipated upgrade in the form of a new egress. Anticipated by us, because we’d been thinking about it a while and trying to figure out the best way to go about adding it, and where to put it, and what size it should be…. All of that. What did we do? More on Friday~ just kidding! read on=>

IMG_1852This was Sue’s project for today, and I must say that it came out quite nicely, and it seems to have been well received by the littles. Can you guess by this “in process” photo? Doesn’t it look like she’s using a laser to cut a hole in the wall? Close, but not quite. That’s actually a drywall saw that she’s using to cut thru the siding on the coop in order to install a chicken door (really it’s a dog door, but if the chickens are using it doesn’t that make it a chicken door? Is that more of an existential doorway question? Too deep?).  The addition of this doorway will allow us to keep the large (human) door closed during cold, windy, and/or rainy weather, but still allow the chickens outdoor/indoor access, as they would like, during these times.  Sometimes we have to leave during the possibility of inclement weather and, previously, we would just have to shut them in until we came home. Now, they are able to remain free, but have the ability to come in out of the weather if needed.

IMG_1853Now, I don’t want you to think that Sue had to do this all by herself. The fact is, she had plenty of help – not that it was truly helpful help, but was given just the same. Proof of said help is shown in this next photo. As you see, the Chattering of Chickens is discussing the proper use of the screws Sue purchased, one is referring directly to the package and the others are coming up with a motion to proceed. They aren’t really too sure about the use of the clamps that are set to the side, and may be FullSizeRender (93)drumming up support to oust them from the process. Have no fear, after much discussion, which mostly went unheeded by the one doing the actual work, the project was completed. In the final photo, you can see that the Chattering is inspecting the finished product. And pronouncing it good. They sure are a bunch of busy bodies! Wouldn’t want them on any of the church or work committees 🙂  However, they are very cute!  Next time they get together to help us make decisions, we’ll take better minutes. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Odd. Quite warm, 85° when I came home around 2:15, cloudy, feels like it could rain, but nothing is in the forecast. Yesterday it did rain, for a bout 5 minutes. Not enough to really do anything but smell good.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had the now normal 2 Duck eggs, and 14 chicken eggs. Today we had the 2 Duck eggs and 18 (+1 that was broken) chicken eggs.

Cool Sighting: Let me just leave this here.

FullSizeRender (94)

Sunset 6:00pm Oct. 17, 2017