Great things are doneIt’s been an interesting couple of days. Things don’t always go as you plan – right, that’s just a life thing. Sometimes we make plans to do x and y and then it takes so long to get the stuff together before you can even start x that y never comes into the picture. Or – if you’re me – as you’re going along you get distracted by this other thing that needs to get done and will only take a you a couple of minutes, and – do enough of those – there goes your day. It’s not that the day is wasted at all, you still get things done, just not the things that you had initially anticipated getting done. My whole MONTH has been like that: I know it’s just now November, but haven’t you ever spent a whole month doing something one day.  I’m over dramatizing this… but sometimes it’s just difficult to get to Wednesday and think, “The week’s almost over, what am I doing?”

IMG_1956We all have times like these, but it is important to remind ourselves that, even though our large plans didn’t come to their fruition, the small things are part of the same overall larger picture. Even though it is frustrating. I’m not 100% sure, but I think Sue is feeling a bit frustrated this week. There are sick chickens that we really can’t help, but just hope and pray over, sometimes you just have to go into town and get feed or supplies (that always takes longer than you think), there are other activities going on that – even though ya want to do them and volunteered to do them – take time away from stuff you  wants to tackle here. Still, the small things add up. Yesterday Sue was able to add an additional layer of baby chick keeper to the upper brooder. This Layer Bunch is already testing out their wings and flying all around. We were afraid they might just jump over the short screen we generally use to keep them in. So she added the top right portion and screened it in. Where the window screen is now, she’s planning on putting a screened in door so that we can still get in there an muck around easily enough.  You can see the card board on the inside of the screens, that’s there to help keep down the drafts. It’s getting pretty chilly now and the wind can blow right inside the coop.  Just want to keep the littlest littles as warm and comfy as possible.

img_1955.jpgSpeaking of comfy. We did try to put the injured little Golden Cochin and its partner back in, but it was getting picked on quite badly by the others and obviously in some distress. So Sue made them a small corner cordoned off from the others by re-purposing some pieces of one of the small coops that were blown apart earlier. It’s working nicely to keep them separated, but still within the coop and the injured one seems a bit more comfortable in the wood chips than on a towel in the carrier. We’ve seen some articles on this type of injury where the chickens were placed in a sling until their leg heals, and we’re trying to figure out how and where we can do this for the poor babe. That might be a project for tomorrow afternoon. It is definitely having a rough go of it, and we’d like to be able to give it a chance to heal. We’ll keep you posted on that.

There were numerous other small things going on, these are simply the easiest to share with you tonight. We’ll try to do a more comprehensive post of Friday and kind of sum up the week. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Monday night we had an amazing rain storm! Thunder and lightening and about two hours of really steady rain. So welcomed!!! Yesterday and today, it’s been cooler; crisp and chilly in the morning, warming up slightly during the day and cooling off rapidly once the sun goes behind the mountains. Currently – 6:24 p.m. – it is 62°.

Egg Report: Tuesday morning Sue found a couple more eggs that were laid on Monday, but we keep the totals in the day we find them, so that ended up being 19 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs for Tuesday. Today we had 11 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. Originally I had the totals at 20 and 12, but I keep picking up the fake egg and counting it. Sue has to ask, “Did you pick up the fake egg again?” Then we adjust the totals because the answer continues to be, “Yes!”