IMG_1977I know you’re wondering! Wondering if we caught the egg eater. Am I right?  Well, we think we may have. I went in to collect eggs one afternoon and caught one of the girls pecking on an egg and her face was covered with egg yolk. Your culprit is pictured here. The Red! Now, she may not be the originator, or even the only one; she’s just the one we caught in the act. Since then it has escalated somewhat. Sue picked up eggs around mid-day today and then when we did chores this afternoon, and I picked up more, there weren’t any. We’re still leaving the fake egg in one of the nesting boxes, so that if the egg eaters try to peck it, they’ll be in for a surprise! Who knows if that’ll help or not, but it’s one of the remedies that people suggest. 

LeggsIt’s been a quiet week here – relatively speaking. We lost two of our sick chickens, the Speckled Sussex hen and roster that had been separated in the hopes that they would be able to recover. Now we’re hoping we don’t see anything go through the flock… but it might have already passed to a couple of new ones.  We were afraid that might happen and is one of the reasons Sue wanted to purchase new layers. We’ll just have to see.
We also still have one of the teen Bantams separated and in a sling to help her leg heal. She was moving the lame foot a bit more today, so we’re hoping it’s helping. She’s being kept company by another Golden that we think is a rooster.  They’re doing well together. Leggs (White Leghorn) is still having a go with bumblefoot – it really got a hold of her and we’re battling to keep the infection from recurring.  Every time we think it’s over, it comes back again with a vengeance. That’s a photo of her during her soak time, prior to wound cleaning and dressing. Posted this a few days back on the Facebook page. Poor dear, she is getting used to it though.

Friday I have a day off from work (Veteran’s Day Observed), so we’re going out of town to visit the wetlands and check out the Sandhill Cranes that are staying here over the winter. If you want to check out an article about them, here’s a link.  From there you can check out the Crane Cam and have a look at what’s happening during the day. We’ll try to give you a report and see if it’s somewhere we’d like to go with my folks when they’re here over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Anyone want to go with us? Just let me know. Until then~ as always,
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: We had some much needed rain last night! Rained steady for a number of hours and ended with a downpour about 4:00 a.m.  Still feels like it could happen again, but the clouds are rather more dispersed.  Got up to around 72° today, actually felt like fall all day!

Egg Report: The numbers remain low, but steady. Yesterday we had 2 duck eggs in the morning (despite finding an extra the evening before) and 15 chicken eggs (plus 1 that was eaten and 2 that were broken). Today we had just the 2 duck eggs and 14 chicken eggs. We have enough that we won’t have to sweat it for being able to provide eggs to our regular clients! We might be able to go to the farmers’ market again soon to sell.

30 Days of Gratitude: Days 7 and 8. Memory – I’m grateful for the 16 years worth of memories from when I worked at the church. I was able to spend most of those working with Sue while she was the Sacred Arts Director and they were amazing years!
Book – I really can’t answer this one. There are many books for which I’m grateful that I have had the opportunity to read. I’m grateful that we live in a land where we’re able to read what we choose. 🙂