IMG_2105I have no idea what to call this update… you can only use the title ‘Update’ so many times. So, I’m calling it “Deconstructed”, in reference to Sue’s trailer project.  Even though we’ve been busy with various and sundry things, there’s not much to report – project wise, since Monday -other than her progress on the trailer. From the photo on the left (or above – depending on your viewing apparatus), you can see that Sue has almost completed deconstructed the camping trailer! She’s been working so hard on it over the last several days. At first we thought that the floor was in really great shape, but it turns out that much of it was rotted underneath the linoleum – especially in the corners where there was a great deal more water damage than you could initially see. So, looks like we’ll end up taking more of it to the trash than anticipated, but there will still be many more pieces remaining to re-use. Pretty amazing!

Let’s give the player roster report: new addition to the DL – Roma has injured her leg somehow. She’s not the most graceful creature, so we can only assume something happened in the general course of her day. Yesterday she was hardly walking on it, or moving around anywhere. Today she is still limping quite a bit, but is more mobile than not. I’m hoping that, with time, she’ll heal up – she seems smarter about it than the chickens. The little Banty Hen who was in the sling, now out, is slowly building up strength in her legs – one foot looks a bit odd, but hopefully will continue to progress to normal. The little Banty Rooster who is isolated due to muscle strain issues, may be released back into the flock tonight. He seems to be moving around pretty well, placing  normal weight on his leg and not limping. I’ll pull him out and watch him a little at bed time to see whether it’s a good idea or not.

IMG_2109Garden News: So – in the Saint Francis garden out front, the bulbs that mom planted last year are starting to put in a strong showing. You can see them a bit in this photo – below the birdbath and along the rock wall. The Narcissus are beginning to set their blooms, and then the Jonquils won’t be too far behind. We may also have two small Dutch Iris poking their heads through the soil. I’ll try to post updated photos on the Facebook page. Sometimes I forget to do that. Speaking of bulbs – for an early Christmas present, Mom and Dad brought us a large box of assorted bulbs that I really need to get into the ground somewhere. I think I’ll work on that when I get home tomorrow. Maybe plant them around the tree basin’s so they get some type of moister on a semi-regular basis… but not enough to rot them.  It’s a delicate balance 🙂
img_2111.jpgIn the Gabion Gardens, the plants have been under attack! At first I thought the grasshoppers were still around enough to wreak havoc, but today I found a very small green little worm – bigger than an inch worm, smaller than a tomato worm – munching away on a broccoli plant. Grrrr. He went in the pail for the chickens.  This is actually a photo of an attacked cabbage… hard to gauge the damage I know, should have taken a photo of the beautifully unscathed plants right IMG_2112next door, but – nope. I’ll probably post some updates as we go along anyway. It should survive its munching, just rather irritating. This time last year, I had planted dill in the original herb garden, and it lasted a whole two days. This year, I am happy to report that the dill in the Gabion Garden has remained untouched. It seems to be flourishing really well and is quite happy! No sign yet of the seeds that I planted, but I think it’s still a little early. This will be an on-going experimental garden, so we’ll probably share a bunch of updates on it. Hope they don’t get boring. Until then (until they get boring?), as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Overcast and cooler. High was about 74°, low last night was 43° and is due to be about the same tonight. Sundown is at 5:15 p.m. tonight, and sunrise will be at 7:01 a.m. tomorrow.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had 1 lonely duck egg again, and 9 chicken eggs – one was eaten. Today we had 1 lonely duck egg, a partial goose egg, and 13 chicken eggs.

Gratefulness: Last Two Days! What friend or family member are you grateful for? Having just gone through the loss of my beloved Great Dane, Belle, I can tell you that I am thankful for all my family and close friends, who – through their love, presence, thoughtful comments, etc., helped me get through the initial few days of that loss. I love and thank them profusely. What talent or skill are you thankful for? I am thankful for the small ability I have to sing.  See the previous post about being grateful for music, same applies her.