winter_is_hereIt’s funny how when you do an image search on “Winter Is Here” you get so many Game of Thrones references. I didn’t search for “Winter is Coming”, but that’s what the majority of the images were. Anyway… tiff over. Even though it’s not technically winter – according to the astrological calendar, that date is actually December 21st and it arrives here at 9:28 in the morning – the temperatures are heralding its arrival!  Currently it’s 41°, but the weather info says “feels like 36°”. Last night we received a frost warning that goes through tomorrow. There was also a small possibility of snow in the mountains last night, but I didn’t see any on my way to work. ‘Course, it’s still a bit dark then. We’ve had the citrus trees covered for a few nights now, and I’m contemplating giving the broccoli some water bottles to keep them warm tonight. Doesn’t take much to keep them from freezing.

Because the temperatures have been rather cold, it’s been difficult to do things outside. Still, Sue manages to find things to take care of. Today she said she just kind of putzed around: organized the wood remains of the trailer, moved the salvaged doors and drawers to the Storage Trailer, along with some of Belles belongings that we might use at a later date, hauled feed and grain over for the goat boys, added more straw to the chicken coop – both sides, and kept putting the covering back on the Meyer lemon tree. Not to mention doing all the chores by herself, again, because I was working late and meeting with our friends Mark and Nina on an egg supply run. Jeesh. That’s nuthin’.  Too cold to stay outside doing day long activities though. The wind is simply biting, even though the sun was out for most of the day today.

Tomorrow… we’ll just have to see what that and the weekend bring. Was thinking it’d be a good weekend to take eggs to the Farmer’s Market, but we have a rehearsal in the morning, so I may just have to create a small farmers market at church that day. I’ll also be making a quick trip to Ramona next week and can bring eggs if you need them. I won’t be able to drive them all over hill and dale though, but I can make them available at FCC! Let me know if you’re interested. If it looks like it might work, I’ll post a call out on the Face Book page. Hope to see many of you at some point this month or over the holidays. Until then~ as always,
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: See above for some info. Sunset is at 5:17 p.m. Low is supposed to be around 25° early next morning. Sun rise is at 7:08 a.m.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had a pretty good day: 15 chicken eggs, 1 duck egg. Today was ok: 9 chicken eggs, 1 duck. There was probably at least one more, maybe a couple, because there is evidence of egg eating on some of the eggs that Sue picked up today. Rotten little scoundrels!