Because we’re into winter cold spells now, Sue has been taking extra time to work on the coop. Today she spent some time adding more wood to the walls around the biggies side, making the straw insulation a bit more permanent than just with the tarps. The silly things were starting to pull it off the walls. Sue had gone around and filled up the straw before she added the 2×4’s to keep them from getting in there and laying their eggs. Now they won’t be able to pull the tarps off the walls at all.  Here are some “after” shots of the interior.

She’s using up scraps of lumber so the other parts well be covered once there are more scraps available.  Every bit helps to keep in the warm for them. Chez Poullet progresses.

Ok, let’s talk about the DL. So far, we only have the one little Banty Hen still recuperating. Sue said she read something recently that gave her some hope that the issue for now may be a shortage of vitamins. So Sue’s started giving her a vitamin boost in here water as well as the garlic/brewers yeast mix in her food. It’s early, but there may be some signs that she’s walking better. Her appetite is definitely improving and that’s always a welcome sight.

Christmas-Correct-3pngAs we’re coming off a weekend, and I just posted on Saturday, I don’t have much new to add. On the Christmas to-do list, we’ve been able to tick off the following:
=> Christmas Lasagna and Wine Party at the Neighbors
=> Singing in the church choir’s Christmas Cantata “Night of the Father’s Love” by Pepper Choplin – he’s a fav – for 3 services on Sunday.
=> Christmas Tree completed
=> Christmas Lights up on the patio
Yay for us! Maybe by Christmas we’ll have everything completed.  Still rehearsing several musical things that may or may not happen. We’ll see. One thing is for sure, Sue is playing in the hand bell choir at a community presentation of the Christmas story. I went last year, and its a really nice live production the the LDS Church does each year. It’s nice to have them ask our church bell choir to participate.        I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the farm, but it is part of what we do and Christmas is a special season. What are you taking part in this year? Let us know your favorite traditions by leaving a comment below. In return, we’ll let you know the interesting things we’re doing.  Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: A bit warmer than it has been, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be about 10° colder than today. It has been quite cloudy and looking like rain, but – no joy. Currently, it is 52° at 7:23 p.m. I don’t know what time sunset was, but tomorrow’s sunrise should be around 7:10 a.m. Overnight low around 37°.

Egg Report: Well, I was going to count the eggs in dad’s egg counter… but I already put them all in the flats in the fridge.  It’s ok, it just means that I need to consult the keeper of the farm diary.  Sunday we had 1 duck (yay!) and 15 chicken eggs – one eaten. Today we had 11 chicken eggs, and 0 duck 😦  – one eaten.