When I say, “Quick Post”, I’m not referring to those boxes that you can purchase in the post office…. well, I guess they are really called “Ready Post”…  but rather the fact that we only really have time for a short post today.  I also need to apologize for the absence of a post on Friday; we ended up unavoidably detained in the ER (my fault – all better now), and I just never got my act together this week to do a make-up, and now, here we are at Monday, already!!! Let’s see what we can come up with to share…

IMG_2279Our little Banties just really love their new home near the leaf pond. They are out most of the day, unless the weather is just too windy.  They have fun poking around in the leaves and chasing each other all over the place. More than once, we’ve looked down into the leaf pond and have seen only tails poking out of deep holes they’ve dug as they’ve gone after who-know-what.  They have also found a GREAT place to dirt bathe. As you look at this photo, the area to the right of the plank has been designated the official Dirt Bathing Area… we should put up a sign, they love that area so much!  A sign that says something like, Dirty Baths 5 cents…. or a Room, Board, Baths, 5 cents, that’d be cute.  Suffice it to say, they’re doing great there.   The only issue we really have are that there are just too many roosters!  More than half of this straight run of chickens turned out to be roosters. Our task is now to decide which rooster we want to keep, and then process the remaining.  We’ve had this scheduled twice now. We were going to be doing it in early December, but we decided to postpone because we were hoping that some of the chickens we thought might be roosters would actually turn out to be hens; however, our thoughts turned to reality and we found we simply have a lot of roosters. So, we set a date of last Saturday to process, but the weather was against us. We had a forecast of incredibly low temperatures paired with incredibly high winds. So, we decided to postpone yet again.  We ended up with cold biting winds that day at upwards of 30 mph, so that would have been a miserable processing day. We have yet to schedule the next day.  Plus, it’s really difficult to get rid of these little guys – they are adorable – but they really have to go for the health of the flock. We’ll let you know when we settle on a date and keep you informed on the outcome. Until then, always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Looking at our snazy weather station, we had a low around 26° last night, it was 30° when I was leaving for work around 6:30.  High got to be around 68°, but right now, at 9:15 p.m., it is 39°.  When the temps are this low, all the waterers, pools, and tubs outside freeze, so we haul hot water from the house to help defrost things.  Sue said that the goats still had icebergs in their water this afternoon when she went to feed!  We’re looking towards spring and, hopefully, more rain!

Egg Report: The numbers continue to fluctuate widely. Today we had 10 chicken eggs, but 2 came to us pecked, no duck eggs. Friday only 6 chicken, zero duck.  Saturday we had 10, zero duck. Sunday was 7, zero duck.  Guess the ducks are all on hiatus now, too darn cold!