Seems like I’m continually saying that it’s got be a short report today. Well, it’s the truth – yet again. This week has been so busy and it only continues through the weekend. This month we are celebrating our church’s 50th anniversary, and – as usual – we’re right in the thick of things. Sue’s already at church rehearsing for the 50 things she’s doing (that’s an exaggeration), and I’ll be leaving as soon as all the animals are in bed.  So, guess what? We’ve got a short report today.

IMG_2615It has been so windy the last couple of days that it’s been difficult to get anything done. Sue always finds a way to work on some type of something though.  Yesterday she put the flooring down in the RCW. She wanted to work on the roofing, but way too windy; flooring was at least indoors. Looks really good too. Do you like the alternating pattern? Sue said that she couldn’t put them all one way because the walls aren’t necessarily square so she was really bugged that the lines and the wall edges wouldn’t be parallel. So, she mixed it up a bit to make it less obvious. The funny thing to me is that, they’re going to be covered with hay, so she won’t really be seeing them all the time anyway, but, whatever makes her happy! Some of them aren’t sticking so well, so I was supposed to pick up a glue today, totally forgot about that.

IMG_2613Today (Friday), before the winds kicked up in the morning, Sue started putting the corrugated materials on the roof. She was able to get one up there before it started to blow too hard. When you’re moving a sheet of that stuff, or plywood, or other large flat materials during the winds, even with two people, it is really quite difficult. We nearly blew away on Wednesday when we moved a sheet of plywood out of the wagon and into storage. It was hilarious – I’m sure we looked quite drunk. Anyway… she’s got a good start. In this photo, I tried to show the whole length of the roofing material; from front door to back window. I’m not sure if it is all going to be opaque or if there are going to be some transparent one’s too. I’ll update you as it goes along. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

IMG_2614Today’s Weather: Cold and windy. We even have a freeze watch in affect. Can you believe it? I thought we were past all that. Anyway, right now – at 9:21 – it is 49° with winds gusting up to 17 mph still. Tonight winds are supposed to subside and the low is only supposed to be 37° – so hopefully, no freezing. Just in case the predictions are off, I moved some plants to more protected areas and I placed more bottles with warm water around the newer, tender plants in the brick wall. Looks a little funny, like we’re growing water bottle crops, but it does help protect the plants against the freeze.

Egg Report: Thursday we didn’t have any goose eggs, again, 1 duck egg, 37 chicken eggs. Friday: again no goose egg, 1 duck egg, and 37 chicken eggs. I think I see a pattern developing.