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Yes, I know. It’s Tuesday, and I am a day late. You all know that happens when I’m on travel; the schedule gets all screwed up!  I was out with my folks yesterday, celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary. By the time I got back to Ramona, the Library was closed, and that ended my posting for the day.  And now, here we are at Tuesday, safely ensconced in one of the more calm sections of the Ramona Library and ready to write.  Let me say this upfront though: tomorrow is Independence Day, the Library is closed, and I’ll be spending the day with Family – so don’t look for a post tomorrow. I’ll try to write on Thursday.  Then, Friday, I’ll be traveling back to Arizona (weather permitting) and will not be writing that day either. So, we’ll see if there’s something to share on Saturday.  Just want to give the regular readers a heads up!  I wish you all a safe, fun, and spectacular Fourth of July!

new chickNow, on to the aforementioned chick update.  The little Banty hen that we had isolated into her own brooding cage has hatched a chick! I can’t remember how many eggs she had with her, maybe 6? The little tyke hatched out sometime early Monday, Sue didn’t see him immediately, but had texted me to say she could here the peeps. Then, last night, she couldn’t hear him any longer. She thought he hadn’t made it through the day.  But then I received this photo this morning, with a proclamation that he was “alive and well”. I like happy endings like that.

chicks otu

enjoying the cool evening breeze

In other chick news. The rangers, ducks and goose that were out in the tractor, have been tentatively testing their freedom. Kind of appropriate for the week, no?  Sue has roam outside of the tractor, but within the confines of the electrified fence. They were reluctant at first, but are slowly feeling confident out in the big wide world. Seems they waited until early evening before venturing and then by 7:10 p.m., almost every chick was outside. They seem to be getting along ok, and I hope that this extra space will help them get along even better.  The ducks

rangers out

almost all out

and goose seem to enjoy having an all access pass to the water, not having to wait for us to be around to give them a bath. It helps them cope with the heat as well, which is supposed to be ramping up over the week.  They are all slowly growing, the chicks are getting redder as they get older. We’ll get another update on them when I get home. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: I’m relying on the phone’s weather app for this update. Says it’s currently 95°, which means it’s probably about 100° at our house. It’s supposed be partly cloudy today and tomorrow. Overnight low around 66°. Yesterday afternoon, sue reported that it felt like a thunderstorm was coming.  The dogs always give us a heads up because they stick to Sue like glue.  I don’t think anything really came around, but the humidity was at 27%. Makes it a bit muggy.

Egg Report: It’s too early for tonight’s numbers, and I won’t be around to update, but Monday’s numbers are: zero goose, zero duck, 32 chicken.