Getting-back-on-trackWednesday is our day to get back on track this week. I don’t mean that we were seriously off track, perhaps more that we’re getting everything in order again. I’m trying to keep the M-W-F blog schedule, so even if I’m late on one of the those days, I’m trying to make continue with the schedule the next day.  We’re also back on track with our monthly egg donation to church. July was weird because the 1st Wednesday – when Sue usually goes in to help with food bank delivery and takes the 10% donation in – was on Independence Day so that didn’t work. I didn’t get back until the weekend and I think we ended up taking them in around the 9th. So that means that they received a big lot, but then today they received fewer because it was only a couple of weeks. Whatever… we’re back on track now.  What other things are back on track?

mown grassToday, our neighbor George [of George and Donna, – not George and Patty, which is what we often end up saying – (Hi George and Patty!)] came over to help Sue change the backhoe out for the mower on the tractor. Because the grass is almost knee high!  Summer is the time to mow. It is gorgeously green right now and – where Sue has already mowed with the lawn mower, it almost looks like we have a lawn! I see some tractor hours coming in her future. Personally, I think she has fun with that.

The RRb#2’s got an extra layer of fencing today – so they are back on their own personal track for foraging. Last night, when we want to put them in, several had escaped their designated foraging area! They had just pushed under the chicken wire fence – little explorers that they are; maybe that’s why they are called “Rangers”. Well – we don’t want them ranging as far as that, so this afternoon Sue put up another layer of plastic fencing inside to help keep them in. So far they haven’t figured a way out. When I drove up, Sue was keeping an eye on them – they were certainly checking out the fencing to see what was new.  We’re hoping they calm down and get used to their little bit of paradise. Silly little Rangers.

Well, since I just posted yesterday, I think that’s all that I have to report. Tomorrow and Friday are morning work days, so we’ll see what they hold and let you know.  Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Interesting to say the least. When I got home around 2pm, it was 92° and quite pleasant. By the time we finished the chores, around 3:30, it was 102° and now at 4pm it is 104°…. what the heck?  We’re looking at more of the same tomorrow.

Egg Report: Wednesday – zero goose, 1 duck, 28 chicken.