Friday-Night-Out-Just-Kidding-Im-In-My-PjsIt’s a wild Friday night for someone, somewhere, I’m sure. Here – everyone’s a bed, but us. Sue’s catching up on the vlogs that she likes to follow and I’m taxing my brain with trying to come up with some type of cohesive thoughts for tonight’s blog. That brain thing just hasn’t been working lately. Suffice it to say, we’re not into wild Fridays around here. We’re not into wild weeks, or weekends either… just give me calm, quite, peaceful days and I’m happy. Thursday and Friday seemed to fall into those areas I guess.

chicks2Thursday we got one more chestnut tree in the ground. We started a bit late because the new chicks arrived! The post office gave Sue a call around 6:30 Thursday morning, and it’s always best to just go and get them right then. Once they get home, there’s always a bit of settling in you need to do with them, so it takes some time. They haven’t had anything to eat or drink by the time they reach you, so you always need to show them where the food and water is. Yep. Each one, individually. After that, they’re generally ok. These photos show them that first morning… these gals arechicks congregated under the heat lamps, that’s why there is that red cast tot he photos. They are very soft and fluffy – they look like little hamsters, especially when they’re asleep. These are our next batch of layers. Plus they added “1 Free Fancy”. We never know what breed they are, it’s always puzzle to try and figure that out. These little girls were more hungry than cold, so they’re mackin’ out as the others get warm. I think this was the most exciting thing that happened on Thursday.

pomegranateToday, we picked apples, pomegranates, and green onions – a few cucumbers too. Odd little harvest wasn’t it. There weren’t very many apples remaining at all, enough to maybe make a cobbler if I add something else – we have blueberries in the freezer, so maybe that’ll work add a few nuts mom brought us last winter – might be fine. Pomegranates, I’m not sure what to do with those. We have a small batch of gorgeous ones, but most of them are pecked or scarred in some way. I don’t really want to try to sell those. We also picked some that have begun to burst so we can give them to the chickens – they absolutely love them! I guess I could try to squeeze them for juice, but I only have a citrus juicer – one of those old fashioned types. We’ll see what we can do with them. Maybe dry them and gild them and give them away at Christmas time. That was the big chore today, we just hate to leave the fruit on the trees and have it rot away. Sue cleaned all the green onions and they’re in the fridge – maybe I’ll make an egg salad with cucumbers and green onions. We often use the cucumbers to make infused water, and also give them to the chickens to munch. Not much else big happened today. That’s it in a nut shell, quiet couple of days.

We’ll have more to share on Monday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Starting a warming trend. High was 88° and clear. Currently, at 8:27 p.m., it is 73°. Our overnight low will be around 62°. Sunrise was at 5:59 and sunset at 6:33. Looks like an identical day for tomorrow, Sunday and Monday warming up to around 92°.

Egg Report: Thursday – zero duck, zero goose, 25 chicken. Friday – zero duck, zero goose, 26 chicken.

Cool thing: Birds nest found in the pomegranate tree when we were  picking today.