Yes indeed! I wasn’t here for the excitement , so the story you are about to hear is coming to you second hand. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. Unfortunately, I left my laptop at work -again- so I am typing on my phone which has minimal formatting options; please bear with me.

We started the day out in the rain. When I left for work, around 6:45, I wasn’t sure that Tom would be willing to come if the weather didn’t clear. Luckily, it did and he brought his tractor over around 2:30. Prior to that, Sue and Dustin rounded up all the chickens into one corner – out of the way of the action. They also moved the fence out of the way, as much as they could.

They hooked up the tow ropes to the eye bolts that were previously installed, and then wrapped it around the bucket of Tom’s tractor. In this photo, you can just see the tractor peeking over the top of the RCW. He lifted it as far up as he could, then needed to tighten the straps again. So Sue got her tractor, braced the RCW from the opposite side while Dustin and Tom adjusted the ropes. After that, Tom was able to slowly lower the RCW and set it on the ground as easy as you please. Nice!!! Thank you so much, Tom!

Youcan see the successful end in this photo; everything upright and back where it belongs. Nothing harmed, no more chickens injured- located 24 eggs once it had been raised. Turkeys were laying them underneath where we couldn’t see, nor could we reach. That’ll bring our numbers back up! Tonight, all is right in the Layers’ world and that is a rather large worry all taken care of! Couldn’t have accomplished it without help! Thankfully, we always seem to have people around who know just what to do.

Now we are ready for the next adventure – whatever God has in store for us. They are always learning experiences and, so far, they’ve all managed to be survivable! Whatever they turn out to be, you know we’ll share them with you, right here. Until then, as always~ thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Rainy to begin with, then clearing. High today was 62. Currently, at 7:17 pm, it is 50 with 71% humidity. We’re expecting an overnight low of 43. Sunny skies tomorrow with wind- of course.

Egg Report: Another big goose egg for the goose eggs (that means zero), 1 duck egg, and 36 chicken!!! That big number is due to the hoarders, we should be back to normal chicken winter numbers by tomorrow.