bring on thew eekendI’m not exactly sure why, but the week has just seemed to drag along. I think we’re both happy it is finally Friday. Somewhere this week, I  picked up a cold – I think Sue may have one too. We’ve just been not quite up to par lately. Also, I’ve been having to spend more time at work lately, and Sue has been having to do everything by herself. I mostly have made it home in time to help with the putting to bed, but that’s not a lot. 

wheeled string trimmerSue’s been doing more maintenance work the last couple of days. She moved the two smaller tractors – those that are housing Octave’s crew and Olaf’s flock. They were getting a bit ripe in there. There was weed eating to be done as well… that’s what happens when it rains, that grass just jumps up a foot or two. Tomorrow we may be going up to Huachuca City to look at some wheeled string trimmers. Sue’s 35+ year old lawn mower just isn’t able to keep up with the terrain around here. My dad’s suggestion is to get one that is self propelled, but they are all so incredibly expensive. This place in Huachuca City that Sue heard about does a lot of refurbished resale type stuff. So, we’ll see if there isn’t one more in our price range. It would be nice to have something a bit more rugged.

muckThe morning may see us doing a grand muck out of the goat lean-to. In order for us to put Vicente’s little flock in there, Sue has figured we need to get 6′ of clearance for their coop – we’re re-purposing the original chickshaw into a new home for them, in with the goat boys. We’ll see how much room we can make. That’s the morning project. I’ll try to remember tothanks pumpkin take before and after photos. The Boys won’t like us messing around their enclosure again, but at least they’ll have something to occupy themselves with when we’re done.  Shaping up to be a good weekend! We’ll catch up with you again on Monday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: It was a wonderful fall day. Sue says that it got up to 83° today. My phone says the high was only 73°, but it is so often wrong. Currently, 6:37 p.m., it is 59° with 33% humidity and quite clear. Our sunrise was at 6:37 and sunset at 5:28. We’re looking at an overnight low of 40°. Similar days ahead for the weekend.

Egg Report: Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 14 chicken. Friday – zero goose, zero duck,  15 chicken. We were just reminiscing about the winter egg production last year.  There were weeks when we didn’t have any! We might be buying eggs for ourselves, so that we can keep up with those who would like to purchase.