IMG_3532So, I’m on travel this weekend. Can you guess where I am??? This was taken yesterday at lunch. Point Loma Seafoods in Point Loma San Diego. It was a gorgeous day. No wind and around 78°. Lovely. It felt so good to have some air with a bit of moisture in it. Then we went up to Ramona, where my folks live. The weather there is almost exactly the same as at home. Today, at 3:30 p.m., it is 75° in Ramona and windy from Santa Ana. At home the high was 72° with winds most of the day. Both in Ramona and at home the winds are dying down. Kind of interesting to me that the weather is so similar at this time of year.

So, yes, I’m goofing off again. Leaving Sue home to deal with everything that crops up. Checked in with her to see how stuff was going… chickens seem to know when she has to do things by herself. One of the little’s got out and she chased her around and around, finally had to use the net to catcher.  Then Iman got out – she’s over with the layers – and that took a bit of time to get her back in. Jeeeesh. It’s hard to chase those little boogers by yourself. They know it too.

Want an update and the DL? Bob got the all clear from the vet yesterday. He’s out of the cone of shame and allowed to roam free!!! Sue says he’s one happy little camper. I’d be happy too. The other one still on the list, Leggs, seems to be doing really well with her foot. Sue said she’s thinking of putting her back in GenPop this evening. That will empty all of the isolation areas for a short time. When I get back we’ll need to check on one of the older ducks – she has been kind of keeping to herself and not out and about much. We’ll see how she’s doing. It seems that we go through several bouts at once and then we’re clear for a while. That’s just kind of the way it goes.

thanks pumpkinI don’t know what I’ll do while I’m here that will be blog worthy, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. We’re going up to Trumper’s Farm Stand tomorrow to get some honey for Sue – so far we haven’t found anything that she likes as well in Arizona. Maybe we’ll report on that! Until Monday then, as always~
Thanks for listening!

Today’s weather: Well…. you can re-read the first paragraph for that.

Egg report: Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 14 chicken. Friday – zero goose, zero duck, 11 chicken.