IMG_3861This morning, my folks walked into the house at the same time I walked out of my bedroom- that doesn’t generally happen when they visit; it was the morning they were planning to leave. Unfortunately, we woke up to another 3 inches of snow. Dad was a bit nervous about hitting the road during a pretty good snow storm, but we cleaned off my car and his truck and they followed me into town – at 25 mph. The roads were so icy. Mom and Dad had already elected to leave the 5th wheel with us and come back in the spring to tow it home. So glad they made that decision! Have you had enough of snow photos from us??? Too bad, we’re gonna show you some more.

IMG_3859Even as my dad lamented every snow flake that fell, Sue and mom and I marveled at the beauty. We couldn’t help but say, “It’s so cold out there!” every time we came back into the house.  Sue has had to use water on her truck doors multiple times to unfreeze them. We’ve also had a few occasions where we’ve gone out to turn on the cars way in advance of our leaving. Despite the cold and the extra time needed to do just about anything, I’ve really enjoyed this week’s snow days. The chickens seems to have gotten used to it all. The goats do not like it, but are resigned to tromping through the white stuff to meet us at their gate. You know who is not phased at all? The ducks and the geese couldn’t really care less about the difference in the weather. I IMG_3870.jpegswear we could be in the midst of a blizzard and they would still be sitting in their little pools, taking an ice bath. Don’t believe me? Here is proof positive. Roma, in the ice bath, with Mandrake and the Nosies impatiently waiting their turn.  I think they were saying “hurry it up!” Roma was loudly honking her displeasure.  (I’d say “trumpeting” – but that’s more of a swan type thing.)

We did end up loosing one chicken though. She just couldn’t cope with the drastic change in temperature. It seems we loose one every couple of months. Sometimes one a month. Always one of the more difficult aspects to deal with.

After traveling all day, Mom and Dad made it home about 5:00 p.m. They are happy to be back in warmer climes, with a heated home, and looking forward to sleeping in their own bed. There’s nothing like travel and visiting, but it doesn’t surpass that feeling you get when you are able to curl up in your own bed with your favorite pillow and the cat on your feet. It was a blessing to have them spend the holidays with us, but I’m not sure they’ll be coming at Christmas again! It’s odd to look out the kitchen window and see their 5th wheel there, and know that they aren’t going to be coming through the door any time soon. Maybe in February. I’ll miss them terribly, as always.

Here’s where I put in the plug for you to come and visit. Friends from home, new friends from afar, friends right here in Sierra Vista. We’re always up for a visit, just make sure someone’s home before you make the trip! You also might want to look at the long range forecast, just to be on the safe side. Thought I’d leave you with a montage of snow pics. Can’t wait to see what wild flowers come up in the spring! Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: Snowy. Do you know what song is going around in my head? Still haven’t watched that movie yet this season.

Egg Report: Tuesday – 17 chicken. Wednesday – 18 chicken.