img_4436.jpegI know that Friday was a rather brief post and you are all lining up for more – like chickens waiting for their afternoon scratch. They beg just like dogs – as you can see here, they hang their heads out between the fence, just watching for Sue to emerge with the white bucket of scratch. To our chickens, all food comes out of a bucket. If you walk into their run with a bucket, they will follow you everywhere.

Our weekend was fun and interesting. We had friends from California visiting – Ray and Tony were finally able to make the trip and we enjoyed showing them the spread, talking about chickens and goats and different ways of building up the land. They seemed to find enough interesting things to do. Of course we took them all over to show them as much as possible; they’ll be back.

Normal things went on, chores, egg delivery, etc. We had to clean up some pasty butt on our new little chicks, but overall they are doing quite well. Sleeping and eating and drinking, as they do.  We did lose the baby duckling, though. He was separated from his mom and just didn’t make it. So sad when those things happen. Just kind of got to go on.

This morning, we moved the ducks’ house to a new location and we’ll be adding some of the misfit chickens. Chickens like Nudie Booty, and Leggs who was attacked by others a few days ago and has been convalescing up by the house. They need a calmer more protected area and we think they’d get on fine with the ducks. We’ll also move Flattop, the rooster, and the little banty hen; both of whom have been in the green house for a few months now.

Changes are coming up for us, we’re going to be reworking our schedule – just because I’ve changed jobs and my times are going to be a bit random for a while. But it also may mean that I’ll be able to be home in the morning more. Like today, we were able to move the duck’s tractor right after chores and I wouldn’t have been able to do that, necessarily, with the old job. I do enjoy having a set schedule, but there is also something to say about the ability to be flexible. We’ll see how things work out for us.

Thank you easterWe’ll keep you posted on things progress. I am going out to visit the folks this week, I’ll try to post, but I might miss next Wednesday and Monday as I’ll be driving to and fro those two days. I’ll do my best. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: The weekend had been rather nice, but today the wind picked up. It wasn’t too surprising for us since we knew that San Diego was expecting rain… they seem to go together lately.  We’ve had some pretty high gusts, most recently, in the last hour, the highest has been 26 mph. It seems to be calming down a bit. High today was 82°, currently- at 5:36 p.m. – it is 72°, 22% humidity and overcast. Sunrise today was at 5:29 and sunset will be at 7:02.

Egg Report: Saturday – 35 chicken, 3 ducks, 1 goose.  Sunday – 38 chicken, 3 ducks, 0 goose.  Monday – 44 chicken, 3 ducks, 1 goose.