happy-fathers-day-wishes-ampWhen I postponed writing until today, I didn’t even think about it being Father’s Day; however, it is only fitting to wish all the fathers out there (especially mine!) a very happy day to you! Nothing about the rest of this post has anything to do with Fathers’ Day… shall we get to it?

I’m just going to share some highlights with you. The days are kinda the same lately, with few projects happening, but maybe enough to share.

IMG_4537The other night, Thursday I think, I got this wild idea to harvest a ton of herbs to use in the veggie-sicles, instead of having to purchase more greens each week. We have a ton of oregano right now and some other herbs gong to see, so I thought “I’ll just cut a bunch of these and get them ready to go in the ice tubs. I got a bit carried away and ended up with a sink full of herbs! The variety ended up being – Mexican oregano, IMG_4539Greek oregano, mint, chamomile, purple sage, parsley, coriander (cilantro), and bee balm. We ended up with about three gallon Ziploc bags full of herbs! When I was done stripping the leaves off – my fingers and thumbs were dark brown… it looked like I had been shelling walnuts. We’ve made several tubs of veggie-sicles and we still have bunches of herbs to use up. Here you can see how they turn out – we try to get as much food submerged into the water as possible. The brown things are dried meal worms- chickens love them. It’s a nice snack on a hot day.

Friday was a yucky, windy day. So no projects were undertaken. The red-flag warning we were under expired around 9 that night. We discussed what we would do on Saturday. If it was calm in the morning – which we both doubted – we would move the RCW. Otherwise, we’d try to work on some other projects outstanding.

Saturday morning dawned calmly. Sue starts the chores quite early and I come along a while later after I feed the dogs and hand out the cheese covered pills. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was – after all the wind. Then I looked out and saw that Sue had let the chickens out of the RCW. She didn’t even realize she had done that. She came in excited about the calm and talking about where we’d move the RCW. I said, “You let the chickens out.” She was so disappointed. Mornings happen the same way every day – you go through the same tasks, feed the same feed, do everything by rote; it makes it difficult when you need to remember a change in the routine.

To make up for it, we each took on tasks that we’d been waiting to get done. Sue powered up the tractor and mowed down the bottom pasture. I donned sun hat and gloves and laid out the drip line for the wind break. We were both done by 9am, it was already over 80° and we were hungry. So – we chilled through the hottest part of the day and did inside things. After chores, I tried to get int eh watering. Got it almost done— some more to do (and re-do) tomorrow. I think we were finally in for the day by 7:45 and I was just too tired to write. I should have worked on the blog instead of trying to nap. Oh well. Here we are today, and I was able to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day.

Next week is another opportunity to do something fun! If that happens, we’ll share the adventure right here. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Rather warm and windy. 97° was the high when we came in from doing chores this afternoon. Currently, at 4:36 p.m., it is 95° under clear skies with 6% humidity and winds out of the ssw at 12 mph. Read an article yesterday that says the monsoons will be delayed by a couple of weeks this year because the water in the Sea of Cortez is colder than normal. What I know is that we are dry, dry, dry right now and the winds are hot, rather than cooling. I’m hoping the water warms up quickly!

Egg Report: Friday – 39 chicken, 3 duck.  Saturday – 32 chicken, 4 duck.  Sunday – 33 chicken, 3 duck.