a bit busyIt’s been an entire week since I’ve written. What happened? Just stuff. This week seems to have been so incredibly busy. We were running here and there, getting home late, getting up early – going to bed early. Just being busy bees. We did manage to get some things done this week, amidst all the chaos.

FullSizeRender - 2019-07-06T153849.662Sue was able to get the new goat fence up and take down part of the old. They were jumping the old fence again, so she went out on Monday, maybe Tuesday – it all runs together – and attached the fencing to the t-posts. The goats had to immediately test it out. There were some pretty good weeds in that new section, so they ate them up, yum!

Thursday was Independence Day – I had the day off, so we completed the watering schedule. Pruned back the olive tree so it now looks like a small tree, rather than a large bush – fed the trimmings to the goat boys, who were in heaven! They are very good brush eaters, so we use them for that purpose as much as we can. After we took care of that, we mostly just cleaned up the house and did dinner prep for the friends we were having over that night. Nothin’ fancy, just a good old grilling evening.

Today was especially eventful. We were finally able to move the RCW this morning. It is now sitting near the apricot trees over by the dinky house… that means the chickens have a good amount of shad all through out the day. Plus, they have green grass over there to enjoy for a bit. They are already out there scratching away.  We hope that they’ll lay more eggs if they are a bit cooler.

We also put up a new corrugated roofing panel on the feed shed by the house – the clear panel that is there for lighting purposes, ended up with hail holes last year, and Sue wanted to get a new panel up before we had a lot of rain. So, we did that this afternoon. We also ended up freshening up the brooder with new pine chips for the babes, and we gave Wheezy new straw in her crate. She’s still not showing any signs of recovering completely from her respiratory ailment. She’s plugging right along, and lays an egg almost every day – she just wheezes and one eye is quite rheumy; we don’t want to put her back in gen-pop until she’s not going to infect anyone else.

I know that this might not seem like very much stuff… but everything was on Sue’s hit parade for the weekend. I am pretty much done at the moment. We are both fighting different types of infections, so rather sluggish actually. Sue started her meds on Tuesday, I started mine today, so she’s beginning to feel human again, while I’m still a bit behind. We’ll catch up at some point, though.  I have some starts that I really need to get out into the garden – I don’t know if they’ll survive my neglectful ways. But first, I need to add more compost to the garden as it has compacted quite a bit. Since we lined it with that welded wire, I need to make sure I actually have enough depth to plant the tomatoes and squash in. We’ll see. I thought the ants had harvested all the seeds from the greens that I summer thank youlet go – but Thursday I saw some green coming up! That’s always a good sign. If I get my rear in gear – I’ll let you know what happens beginning Tuesday.  Until then, as always ~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Yesterday afternoon we had a nice steady rain for a good 3 hours. Already the mountains above us are greening quite nicely. Rather cloudy all day. Cool temps and a slight breeze have made the day just beautiful. Currently, at 5:23 p.m., it is 85° with 39% humidity. This morning we had a 41% chance of rain, but it looks like that has dropped to 10% now. Wind is wnw at 8 mph, pressure is 29.87 inHg. Sunrise today was at 5:21 and sunset will be around 7:27.

Egg Report: OK, because I was a slug this whole last week, I’m going to catch you up on the egg numbers beginning with… Sunday- 41 chicken, 0 duck.  Monday – 33 chicken, 3 duck.  Tuesday – 27 chicken, 3 duck. Wednesday – 32 chicken, 4 duck.  Thursday –  35 chicken, 3 duck.  Friday – 29 chicken, 2 duck.  Saturday – 31 chicken, 4 duck. Numbers still seem a little down; we had some major heat this past week.