idk'Sometime’s there are days that I just don’t know what to write about. I think today will be a rather rambling post today. Also short. As you know, the last couple of days were rainy days for us (thank you, God) and we didn’t really have the opportunity to do anything beyond our regular chores. Today it wasn’t rainy, but I had to work and Sue spends Thursdays practicing the organ and other piano pieces for Sunday’s services; we didn’t accomplish any projects.

The biggest thing of note is from last night. As we left the house for choir practice, Sue flicked on the switch for the porch light, and we lost all lights in the living room, hallway and outside. The breaker wasn’t fully tripped, but it also wouldn’t go all the way off or on. We tried to get it flipped, but it just wouldn’t. A few minutes ago, Dustin came and looked at it with Sue… flipped right on over. We think that maybe one of the outdoor sockets got a bit wet from the wind driving the rain. Hopefully it’ll work fine from now on.

I know that I said I would make the chicken stew today and let you know how it went, but I was a work longer than I anticipated – that seems to be happening a lot lately – and we’ll have to do the stew tomorrow. I did most of the prep work and browning of the veggies tonight, and we’ll just toss everything in the crock-pot to cook, then finish it off when I get home. Just like everything, its a grand experiment.

tenorSince the Autumn weather seems to have just come to stay – we’re thinking about winterizing the chicken tractors. Chickens are really able to tolerate some cold temperatures, but wet and cold and windy are never good combinations. We need to put up some siding to give them protection from the winds that come up starting about now and continue on through – oh – May. “They” say that we’re actually in for a wet year this year, so maybe we won’t be plagued with the winds like late last year and early 2019, when California was getting all the rain. That’s my sincere hope.

Well, I suppose rather than just prattle on, I’ll conclude here. Gotta go shut the chickens in for the night and go buy some carrots. Saturday I hope to have a really fun photo post to share with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: So the weather station says our high today was 79°, and I guess that could have actually happened. The wind has been blowing steadily though – and that makes it feel colder. Currently, at 6:41 p.m., it is 79° with clear skies, 59% humidity and a 10% chance of rain; winds are out of the Southwest at 7mph, barometric pressure 29.88 inHg. Sunrise was at 6:10 and sunset at 6:09 – oooooo only 1 minute off!

Egg Report: Wednesday – 23 chicken, 2 duck.  Thursday – 30 chicken, 2 duck.