Every once in a while we have these days: no photos available. Not that things aren’t happening, just that we’re too busy doing stuff to take photos.  We say that, then sit down and say, “what did we do?”.  Busy, busy, busy. This is just an ordinary, nothin’ special, everything normal, type of post. One that you can skip and not feel guilty about.

Sue continues to work on getting grass and weeds down for the winter. We’re thinking of holding an outdoor concert in a couple of weeks, so now she’s thinking that she needs to take the tractor and mow outside the fence so people have somewhere to park, if they come. Maybe our neighbors will walk!

A concert you say? Yes. We have an old piano in the yard – which we’re eventually going to make it into a flower garden, but first we wanted to give it a final send off… let it have its swan song, if you will. So, we’re planning a late afternoon/early evening dessert concert and you’re invited. Yes you. If you’re reading this, you should come and join us. Just leave a message for me here or on Facebook and I’ll send you the details. We may have guest appearances by: Gus, Holly, Monica, Dorothy, Sue and others. Should be fun!

We have two sick chickens that I haven’t mentioned. One is the small Banty hen that was hatched here last Summer, Blackie. She has caught the crude and is on her very last days now. We’re just giving her a place to be comfy and not picked on. She’s eating and drinking a bit still, but will not be with us for very much longer. The other one is a very old hen from Renata’s Inn. She has had some issues ever since she came; however, we are hoping that we can get her stronger and healthier and able to go back in with her flock. She has been doing well the last few days, so we are cautiously optimistic.

The Banty babies are getting bigger and doing well in their small enclosure, in the enclosure. They seem to be finding their way under the fencing that’s supposed to keep them separated from the older chickens. We’ll need to do a bit of work on that maybe. They need to be able to get out in the small world, in preparation for the big world!  The remaining Cuckoo Moran babes are doing well, after the loss of two. We knew one was sick, but the other one we lost was unexpected. You just never know when they are that little. Hoping to keep everyone healthy through the winter.

Sue has also been working on the newest chicken tractor, a little at a time to save her hands and shoulders. It keeps coming together. Now all the wire is on it as well as the doors. I think there will be some roofing eventually. I’ll try to get a photo of it soon to share. Perhaps just more photos in general. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Just another gorgeous fall day. started off at 49° this morning, today’s high was 93° at 3:48 p.m. Currently at 6:12 p.m., it is 67° with 24% humidity. Winds are out of the SE at 4 mph, barometric pressure is 29.92 inHg, overnight low is predicted to be 41°. Sunrise today was at 6:29, sunset was 5:40.

Egg Report: Sunday – 25 chicken, zero duck. Monday – 17 chicken, 3 duck. Tuesday – 26 chicken, zero duck.