sum upIt had certainly been an interesting few days. I was just telling Sue that it feels more like a Friday than a Saturday. We did some interesting things still, though.

I had to work a little side job today, so I left rather early this morning. Sue did the feed run. I got home just in time to help finish afternoon chores. Afterwards, we moved alfalfa from the truck that she wants to put in the coops for the winter. It has more food stuffs for the chickens, if they want to root around when they get bored staying inside.

A few of the new, new chicks have pasty butt, so we cleaned up their little bottoms, put a bit of olive oil on their rears in order to keep it from happening again. They did pretty well, no unnecessary screaming. They seem a great deal more laid back than the cuckoo morans. Speaking of which, we found one little girl not able to stand and having general difficulty moving around. We think she may have caught the crud. It’s about the same age as when Mr. White first contracted the illness. We have isolated her from the rest of the cuckoo’s – she’s none too happy. But we’ll cut down on spreading it – hopefully. It is rare that we have a chicken who beats this… but we’ll keep her comfortable.

Then, we took some time to identify another chicken that had been limping around for a few days. She has a swollen foot that looks like it might be the beginnings of bumble foot.  Bumble foot –  we’ve had a respite for almost two months. We’ve done the first foot soaking for her and doused it with a full portion of prid and wrapped it up for her. We’ve got her on the porch so we can easily get to her over the next few days/weeks. The thing is, we’re not 100% sure that this is the same chicken we identified in the afternoon; however, she does have bumblefoot, though, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for another one tomorrow.

So – that is our exciting Saturday afternoon, summed up in a few paragraphs. Tomorrow is the “getting ready for the folks” day. They should be here on Monday and are spending Thanksgiving with us and a few days after… it’s always fun to have them here, and we can’t wait! I’m sure we’ll have some great adventures and be able to share them with you, right here. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: The high today was 74° when we went out to do chores. Currently, at 7:26 p.m., was 52° with 59% humidity, winds out of the NE at 3 mph, barometric pressure a 30.04 inHg. Sunrise today was at 6:56 and sunset was at 5:18.

Egg Report: Friday – 15 chicken, 3 duck. Saturday – 18 chicken, 1 duck.