crazyWe are all kinds of crazy here. We don’t really try to hide it; generally, we embrace it. Good thing too, with all our crazy animals, we fit right in. There’s always something funny going on over here. You just never know what you’ll see on any given day. Sometimes they’re just small little cute things, sometimes they are things that really make you go hmm?

IMG_5174The other day, when I went out to the RCW to collect eggs and throw out the afternoon scratch snacks I found two chickens splayed out on the ground, looking for all the world like they were dead. Then – they moved! We’ve seen it several times before… but at first glance, it always gives a start. When it’s cold, they love to find some soft dirt in the sun and bathe and soak up the sun. They are crazy little things.

img_5175.jpegThe animals around, but not under our care, area also rather crazy sometimes. We have a road runner that truly enjoys being close to the house, sometimes even hanging out on the porch. The coyotes continue to worry the dogs like crazy. Getting as close as they dare, but not yet getting over the electric fence — that’s good. We’ve also had a few other night visitors lately; the skunks, our resident grub hunters have been digging amazingly large holes in the goat pen. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud their desire to root out and eat every last little (sometimes quite big) grub; however, they do go overboard a bit. The photo shows the crater they dug in the floor of the lean-to… while digging said crater, they managed to bury the door to Vicente’s brood’s coop.  Had to dig them out in order to let them out. At least there are going to be fewer Japanese beetles this spring. Crazy skunks.

I suppose that’s the crazy report. Don’t know what we’ll have for you Thursday, but until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s weather: welcome to az

Egg Report: Monday – 12 chicken, 2 duck.  Tuesday – 10 chicken, 2 duck.