then thisYou just never know what is going to happen down the road when you meet people. You’ve already heard about our wonderful new neighbors (they’ve been here a year now – hard to believe – when do they stop being new?) Lance and Elise; you’ve heard of them because they amazingly volunteered to help paint the coop. It was largely due to their help that it was completely so nicely and quickly. Now just wait!

Elise’s daughter, Nikki came down from Tucson for the long weekend and I guess wanted a project because I got a text Sunday morning that said, “Would you like your logo painted on your chicken coop? Nikki said she could do it.”  What??? Heck ya! Wow. Who knew that could happen? So – here we go… this is the coolest progression. IMG_5948  IMG_5964







Isn’t she just the coolest! It is so fun to walk out and see this. The only problem is that she didn’t sign and date it! Nikki – next time you’re visiting, we’ll have to remedy that! Thank you so much! And thank you, Elise and Lance, for letting her hang out here for so long while she was visiting.

Anyway, told you we had some pretty neat stuff going on around here. Next time, we’ll talk about, goose eggs, visits to goat boys, and perhaps some flower photos; how can we ignore the flower photos? Until then, as always~
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