Hello JuneWe made it! June. Now begins the season of Monsoon and hot days and chicken processing, among other things. Plus, there are so many things to catch you up on! I think We’re going to have to do another bullet post; however, I do not have photos to go with everything. So this is going to be a quick and dirty rundown. (I always say things like that and then its 1000 words later…)

  • Goose news! Roma has decided to sit some eggs. Maybe she heard all the trouble Sue was going through to try to get some little goslings and she said, “Step back. I got this!” She is very serious about it this year and completely took over the banties’ little green house. They are not very happy to be kicked out and made to go in theIMG_2660 coop with all the biggies, but – hey – they’re going to be moving over the goat boys’ chicken coop in a bit anyway.
  • The meat birds are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. They will be processed this Saturday. Currently, they are hanging in the cool of the brooder side of the coop. If you remember, they were purchased together with some layers, they seem to get along well. In this photo you can see one of the little layers perched on top of the meat birds. The meat guys don’t really seem to care at all. They are so funny. We’re just hoping that the next several high heat days don’t do them in. Also, we’re looking for  a couple of volunteers to help, should you feel the need. Please let me know!
  • It is mowing season as well as monsoon season. Sue spent a huge part of the morning mowing and weed – whacking. She’s trying to get ahead of the weeds before we actually start getting rain this summer. So far we’ve only had clouds and some thunder – no actual precipitation. Can’t wait for us to get some of that blessed desert rain!
  • Until that rain comes, we are watering the trees and shrubs and gardens by hand. Takes awhile, but it keeps them going. We also spread straw around in the round garden and in the water wells for the Crepe Myrtles. Also took some time while I was watering to reshape and enlarge a few of the water wells around the east trees. Prepping for water works and hoping they get here very soon.
  • Sadly, we lost two of our chestnut trees – we haven’t figured out why. they just didn’t come back after the winter. We’re thinking of replacing them with two additional mulberry trees that we have in pots still. We’ll need to dig into that (so to speak. Ha!).
  • This last one isn’t really farm related, but I think my Facebook friends are getting tired of my baking posts, so I’ll share my newest fun find here. I’m always looking for ways to make lactose free tasty treats (like cheese cake!) at home so I can avoid the preservatives etc. found in prepared foods. Anyway, found out that Daiya makes a dairy free substitute cream cheese that doesn’t contain soy! So great! So, together with the berries that one of our customers traded for fresh oregano, I set about making some berry/cheese danish. They came out pretty good. Not something I’d make often, but once in a while – they’ll make a good treat. Here’s the photo proof.

    They might not look pretty but they were definitely yummy! Also made some Mango muffins as well. I used oat based vanilla yogurt for that. I think I’ll stick with real yogurt in the muffins – they came out a bit on the dry side. Mangos were a good call; Sue’s request. I was skeptical, but they are quite good as well. Enough about food.

  • This is all that I have for today. We’ll see what else we can drum up for later on in the week. Until then, as always~
    Thanks for reading!