sciroccoWe’ve been experiencing heavy winds again, of late. After Tuesday’s great weather day, we’ve been rather warm, with scirocco type winds. Technically Scirocco’s come over the Mediterranean into Europe, but most recently scirocco has been used to describe any hot oppressive wind. That’s what we’ve had lately.
IMG_5997If the clouds end up coming over in the afternoon, then we get some relief from the heat. It has still been in the low 100’s in the afternoons. So far, chickens and chicks are all faring well. Chicks, referring to the newest set that arrived on Thursdays. In addition to the Cornish Cross meat birds came a few Buff Minorcas ( I believe) and the one free fancy – can you pick him out? Look for the little black head. The Minorcas are egg layers. Sue is slowly replacing the 10 that she gave to our neighbors when they couldn’t find any little chicks when they wanted them. Anyway – in six weeks and 2 days, the little Cornish Cross’ will be ready for processing. Hard to believe, isn’t it.

I’m trying to think what else went on this week. Well, today Sue mowed all around the house acre with the push mower. Said she walked 4.5 miles doing that. Sure looks nice all mowed down. Winds are continuing to desiccate all the plants. Several are looking rather worse for wear. It’s difficult to keep everything hydrated, including ourselves, when the wind is relentless. We continue to see clouds on the horizon and over the Huachucas, but they never drop anything that will help us. Hoping that we’ll be seeing a change in things very soon.

As we keep an eye on things here, we’ll share the happenings with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!