snacksWe do snacks around here really quite well. Snacks for us, snacks for goats, snacks for chickens. Snacks are always a good thing! Chickens eat many things that may surprise you. They are really little omnivores. Our chickens are not “vegetarian” – which I think is ridiculous anyway. Do you wonder what vegetarian chickens eat for protein? I do. AND, you know if there is any type of but that shows his face in their home, they will be eaten!

IMG_6006Regardless, our chickens eat everything. They eat mice that they find in the coop. They will eat eggs if they get broken, and almost every type of vegetable you could possibly imagine. The other day we stumbled on a fun snack that chickens enjoyed along with their morning greens. What you see here is a spaghetti squash that sat on our counter just a little too long. All the seeds inside had begun to sprout and were using the squash as food. I gave the sprouts to the chickens and cooked the squash for us. It was ok, but quite bitter. So, the chickens and the ducks were lucky and received the cooked squash as well. Yummy snacks.

IMG_2676Our neighbor, George, has been pruning up his trees – it’s fire season, don’t ya know, keep those trees 10 feet off the ground. He pruned up branches of Oak, Poplar, and Pine.  All of these are great for goats! So, George drug them all over and left them outside the fence for the Goat Boys. Sue gave them a few of each at afternoon chore time. Oh, they were in Goat Boy heaven! The pile is big enough to last a couple of days. Yummy snacks for those Goat Boys!

Currently, Sue and I are enjoying freshly baked Short Bread – straight from the oven! Yummy snacks for us!

Did you know that yesterday was the summer solstice? We have several weeks of warm summer fun ahead of us. I know there are restrictions in place all over the US, but there are still many things you can do. Gardening is good! I was finally able to put out the squash we had growing on the kitchen window. It’s a bit late, but maybe we’ll see some squash before the winter snows set in 🙂 . Whatever you have planned for the remainder of your summer, we hope you have a bit of time to spend here with us. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.