little bitsWell, it has been an eventful few days. sometimes there’s so much that one has difficulty processing. Let’s just talk in little bits today, is that ok with you?

IMG_6162Thursday I mentioned that we were going to processing on Saturday; it was our plan. We had some friends coming to help everything was ready to go. When we woke up Saturday there was a storm passing through, we had wind gusts upwards of 36 mph. We had to make a call. Were we going to decide to proceed, or not? If not, then the chickens needed to be fed. Wind here is fickle – as you know – we’d be taking a chance that it would stop by the time we wanted to begin. We decided to wait. Turned out to be a good decision. Sunday dawned cloudy and cool. We had some spurts of rain, but over-all it remained nice a cool all morning. We completed the first part of processing by 11:30. Cleaned up by 12:30. Traditional lunch at Culver’s. Back to finalize the cleaning and packaging. Completely finished by 6 pm. 16 chickens all together. Always a very long day. The meat birds are Cornish Cross and they look very much like this drawing done by our friend Amanda Ellis. Drawn just yesterday, by request, and used by permission. She does excellent sketches. Thanks Amanda!

IMG_6159Since we didn’t end up processing on Saturday, I baked a pie. Lime Meringue, in case you’re wondering. Crust came out quite nicely – thank you – first time in 3 years. However, my filling didn’t solidify enough. Tasted ok though. Luckily Sue likes Lime Soup in a crust topped with Meringue. Just thought I’d share success and failure.

IMG_6161So, even though Sunday was the best day to process, I prefer Saturday because then we have Sunday to relax and recuperate. Monday just saw us right back at it. Sue bounces back really fast, I’m a slow recoverer. Monday Sue mowed half of the house yard before lunch. With the rain we’ve been blessed with, the grass grew a literal foot in the last couple of weeks. I took this so you could see the difference. Today, there is only one small patch in the back yard of the house that remains. Then I’m sure she is planning on starting on the fields.

IMG_6156Let’s see, what other little bit can I share? How about all these little bits above. I wrote about these guys last week, or more specifically Miss Frizzle here. That’s her on the left – isn’t she cute??? And you can sort of make out many of the others from the goat coop. They are all getting used to their new surroundings, their new friends, and each other. They are doing very, very well.

IMG_2717Finally, let’s leave with even a littler, little bit. I call this one, Disco Lizard. Sue took these one through the window. Can you see it? Lizard, dancing on the window with a row of party lights shining behind him. Such a party animal! Just a bit of silliness, to end the day on. We’ll be back later this week, one day.
Until then, as always –
thanks for reading!