Everyone has projects on the weekend. Even the chickens are busy doing what chickens do. This little lady has begun her weekend project of digging a hole to China. Why? We have not idea, but she’s got a good start. I know that she’s in shadow here, but I think you can see the crater she has created. Maybe she’s thinking of planting a tree. We’ll never know and it’ll probably be filled in by tomorrow. Our projects today were a bit more specific.

This was the first project today. It is the second planter. We finished it off today with a concrete mix that was made up of smaller gravel and I may have put in too much water. We’ll see how it looks when we do the un-boxing later, maybe Thursday?

the next project was Sue’s alone. Mr. Chase has had just a run of bad luck lately. In this photo you can see the shaved patch on his bum; horrible insect/spider (we’re not sure which) bite. It was horrible, but is healing quite nicely. Unfortunately, today he had to go back to the vet because the pads on one of his feet have sores and are not healing (his back left – same leg that was torn from being tied to a tree in his previous life). He is so skittish that we couldn’t clean, spray, or soak it. So he got his foot bandaged and he is on lite duty. We hope that it isn’t a latent blood circulation issue from his previous injury. Hopefully we’ll see improvement soon.

While Sue was gone, my project was pruning this tree. Poor thing had been neglected all year. So, trimmed it up and thinned it out quite a bit with an eye on how it will grow through the spring next year. All the while the two chickens you see at the tree base, Maeve and the White Wander, hung around the edges. As soon as I was done, they flew in and started debugging.

The goat boys had a project too. Their job is to clean up the tree cuttings we generate. They did a very good job. Showed a great deal of enthusiasm and jumped right in to get their job done!

Next photo shows how well they did in only a few hours.

Goat boys doing their job!

I think that was our last project today. I’m not sure what’s in store for next week. But you know we’ll take you along for the ride. Until then, as always ~
Thanks for reading!