As I mentioned, we have had some interesting sightings over the past week. The one on the left here, (not my photo, but taken here in Hereford) was from yesterday evening. Lenticular clouds are always so cool looking. What’s a Lenticular cloud? “(Latin: Lenticularis lentil-shaped, from lenticula lentil) are stationary clouds that form mostly in the troposphere, typically in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction. They are often comparable in appearance to a lens or saucer.” Our other sightings were fauna.

Saturday we had a squadron (yes, that is the correct collective noun) of Javelina’s run through the southern field. Altogether there were nine! Which is within the average range of a squadron. I saw three “reds” which are what the babies are called, owing to their reddish color, along with several adults and perhaps a juvenile. They ran through in several small groups. Sue didn’t see the first two, because she was busy keeping an eye out for coyotes – then saw the last bunch that ran behind her. It can be a bit scary because, if they have reds with them and they feel threatened, they can turn on you! But she was safe – they were only passing through. (The photo on the right was taken from open source – you never have a camera when you need one!)

This is our newest bird sighting. We hadn’t had them around before. He’s a Loggerhead Shrike (again, not my photo). We’ve had one on the property consistently this winter. We’re happy he’s here, they LOVE small rodents. He likes to hang around the chicken coop, so we’re hoping he’s helping to keep down the mice population. Between him and the Road Runner, who Sue saw with a rat a couple of days ago (!), we should start getting a handle on those buggers. We just need to find something that will help with the gopher situation!

Our days have been warming up a bit, we might actually get some rain in the next day or two… currently we’re at 52% chance. We desperately need the rain! Sue thinks that the winter is over, but we still have one Mesquite Tree who is refusing to bud out; he’s been right to hold off before, so I’m not ready to say goodbye to cold temperatures just yet. We still have some projects we’re working on, so maybe we’ll catch up on those later. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!