We have new chickie babies…. but not the kind you see here. We had one Buff Orpington that refused to leave a nest, so we shut her in the brooder and made sure she had food and water. Some days later, we were putting the banty hen, that had been injured by the bob cat, in the other half of the duplex and we heard all this peeping! Sure enough. Four little chicks had hatched. So cute.

We left them inside the brooder for about four days, then Sue felt that they needed to be able to get outside a bit. I’m sure mama was very tired of being cooped up (Ha! See what I did there?). So Sue gave them a temporary porch using two bales of hay, the screen from a coop door that we don’t use any more and some netting. Worked perfectly!

It didn’t take long for everyone to venture out. Once they had thoroughly explored their new expanse, they needed a short nap because it was so exciting to be outside. I had to snap this photo because there’s one chick sitting on top of mom – so cute! The chicks are doing well and this mama is very attentive. She’s taught them how to scratch and forage and take dirt baths. Because it has become quite cool overnight lately, they are already getting some of their adult feathers at just two weeks. That’s good for them as they’ll need to be going back to the coop in the not too distant future.

I should be able to up date everyone more on things soon. We’re settling into a new routine and I’m not sure exactly how that’s coming along. You’ll know if you see a regular posting of some type. It may only be weekly, but we’ll try to be a bit more predictable. Always changing. Always learning. If you’re in the neighborhood, you know you can always visit – just give us some type of heads up. We recently had a wonderful visit from our friends Dinah and Paul; of course I forgot to take any photos!!! Our next scheduled visit will be the Parental Units for Thanksgiving… and perhaps my friend Candace if she’s flying herself to New Mexico or Texas for the holiday. Come and join the fun! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!