Look, sometimes things are really difficult here on the farm. We had to make one of the most difficult decisions recently. I’m writing about it because we’ve already introduced the topic to you and I just want to share the rest of the story.

We’ve had a difficult weekend. Layla, the dog that we were “fostering to adopt” had to go back to her original foster family. We are so saddened that it didn’t work out for us. Layla is an amazing, lovable, soft, smart, and strong dog. She was too strong for us to handle and too headstrong to keep from chasing the chickens and the cats. We didn’t have the tools in our arsenal to make a go of it. I kept getting injured trying to control her. She was having to spend too much time in the crate. Chase became very fearful of her. It wasn’t fair to any of us, including her. So, she went back to the great couple that had been fostering her initially.

It hurts like crazy. The decision was difficult and the act of giving her up was worse. So, we’re just done with trying to find a dog for chase. It’s not gonna work and we can’t go through that again. That’s all I can say. Thanks for reading.