While I was out goofing off in California, the littles got new digs! They’ve gotten so big in the last ten days or so!  Sue purchased a 80′ net which she added on to the 50′ net they were put into just a week or so ago.  Look at the space it gives them! They are loving the new digs, but it got us thinking about what to do for the littles and the bigs during the winter months. Especially today when we woke up to our first feeeze- luckily we were more than ready!

Sue called her trusty carpenter friend, Brent, a couple of weeks ago and asked about helping us create a permanent chicken coop that we can use all winter and that will work as a brooder as well for all seasons.  At the same time we wanted to provide area to house feed and netting etc.  Brent has been wonderful- he laughs at our ideas and then goes about helping us find the right way to do it and the most cost effective way.

img_2687So, here he is discussing things with Sue as his guys frame up the foundation for the coop. We might have it poured on Tuesday, barring the presence of a rain storm. Things happen fast around here!!! We’ll definitely post some photos of the pour.

Until then, thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: 34 degrees this morning- frozen bird baths.  High was 73 degrees with a winds coming from the East.