We are always looking at different ways to harvest and keep water on the property. You’ve seen and read the blogs about the rain water collection tank, creating bio-swales, using mulch to prevent evaporation, the Hüglekultur techniques that also help conserve water use. We’re doing some versions of all of that, but these still rely on rain or utilizing well water to get/keep them going. Now Sue has found a water collection system that is just in the developmental stages. It harvests water directly from the air.  It’s call the WaterSeer and is being developed in conjunction with the UC Berkley Sutardja Center and the National Peace Corps Association, and with viewers like you, or rather investors like Sue. Sorry, PBS announcer was creeping in there.
Water Seer

Some of the capital is being raised through a type of crowd sourcing. Your initial investment is then placed towards a final purchase of the completed system. It’s an interesting concept, and general opinion says that it should work.  Instead of trying to explain everything, I’ve just inserted an image from their website that explains the basics. We’ve enjoyed watching the development over the last six or so months, occasionally they send an e-mail asking for our input on the finished design of the product.  We also keep up with their journal entries. This last one was kind of fun and tells a bit about their concept, if you’re interested: https://www.waterseer.org/waterseer-journal. If we are able to purchase the final concept, our hope is to utilize it in the middle of the Chestnut Concervancy Orchard.  It produces enough water each day that we can water one tree a day with enough water to keep them going until they’ve been established. Then we can either move it elsewhere or continue to supplement that orchard. We’re excited to be a part of the early stages, even if it’s just a small part. As we learn interesting updates, we’ll keep you posted.  Until then,
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: The days have been beautiful. Highs in the low 80’s and lows in the 50’s. Breezy in the afternoons and then settling down towards dusk.  Quite pleasant around here!

IMG_0407Egg Report: Yesterday (Tuesday), everyone laid again! Today we had 5. I’m sure those who follow us on Facebook are getting tired of all the egg photos, so I’m adding one here today. This is the egg basket that sits on our counter. We’ve been collecting them here and after a couple of days we sort them into cartons, setting aside 10% to go to the church’s food program. During the winter months, we generally used up all of them in a day or two, so it was rarely full.  Now, after two days we’ll only be able to fit a couple more in. That’s great!  See that egg on the right that’s a nice pale blue? It’s actually HUGE and Sue is pretty sure it’s a double yoker! If it turns out to be, we’ll let you know. We’re easily entertained here on the farm.