Even when we’re not around as much.  It seems like it was a super busy week, and there were not enough hours in each day to get the things accomplished that we want to. And yet, things keep happening around here…


Monet Ducks & Chicken Butts (title suggested by Sue)

Ducks and chickens keep growing. The ducks are almost twice as big as the chickens; they are still so stinkin’ cute, and fluffy, and cuddly. The chicks love the ducklings, they look to them as their protectors, and the ducks are taking their roll very seriously. It’s rather fun just to watch their interactions. Today, after the chickens had their pasty butts cleaned, the ducks were preening them. I’d never seen that happen before. I wasn’t around this morning, but I hear the ducks had their first swim – they were having so much fun watching the little things that no one remembered to take photos until it was all over but the drying.

The seasons continue to roll along as well… regardless if we’re paying attention or not. Spring is still in the process of springing up. I walked to the garden area today and noticed that the coyote melon bushes are pushing their way up through the drying soil.  I think they’re going to be difficult to control this year, but we’ll do our best.  Some trees are showing signs of life, even the lime tree – which was completely denuded during the last bad wind storm, has some leaves reappearing. The lemon tree is simply LOADED with blooms, and has one tenacious little lemon hanging on.  The fig tree has begun to leaf out quite nicely and the nut (either walnut or pecan)tree over by the dinky house is so laden with catkins that the bees can’t quite contain themselves! Below are: Meyer Lemon, Mission Fig, and Somekinda Nut.

IMG_0422 IMG_0424 IMG_0412

FullSizeRender (1)

Newest bio-swale

Sue has made considerable progress on the second bio-swale (photo at right), and our wonderful neighbor Tom, continues to drop of tree trimmings.  Tonight we were discussing the best way to keep the dirt mounds from blowing away; I think we agreed that just keeping them covered with the organic material will be the best way, until the monsoon season begins, then we will broadcast a mixed cover crop which will help in retaining and in enriching the soils. We will be planting the olive trees and maples

FullSizeRender (2)

 Initial bio-swale with the addition of the trimmings

along the swales and berms, with the pomegranates and maybe the hackberry trees – so far they haven’t shown any sign of coming out of their winter slumber. Just like everything else we’ve started, this is all a big adventure.  At least the olive trees will thrive once they’ve become established. Dustin has been utilizing the new chipper and making a wonderful pile of wood chips for us to spread. Mom sent us the coupon for the chipper in the mail, got it on sale at IMG_0428Harbor Freight! It’s been working great.  And, of course, the goats are happy to take care of the leaves or pine needles before the chipping. We give them a couple of branches to chew on each day. It keeps them happy and mostly out of trouble. They’ve become big giant pets, kinda like Belle.  We’re still trying to find out how to make them into co-workers. Eating up the pine needles or olive leaves is the best we’ve found so far. Silly little guys. When we do find out what they’re good for, we’ll let you know! IMG_0430Until then,
As always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: GORGEOUS! The last few days it’s been in the low 80’s during the days and the nights are staying int he 50’s.  Looks like Wednesday we’ll see a bit of wind and a dip in temperatures over all, but truly it has been a great week.

Egg Report: We’ve had some wonderful numbers this week. Everyone turned in an egg yesterday and then today we had eight!  Found them in some interesting places again today, but mostly they’ve been utilizing the nesting boxes.  Good little layers, they are!