It the first day of Spring! Thought we’d do an update on all things little and/or growing. Below, for your viewing pleasure, are photos of many new things coming up around the farm 🙂  It may seem like somewhat of a cop-out, but I think in can sum up the new spring growth that’s happening around here quite nicely.

Today’s Weather: Oh my goodness, it is just beautiful!  I have to say that the early evenings are my most favorite part of the day. Actually, I may have already said this! Everything is settling down, the sun slips behind the mountain and leaves us in its shadow, but there are still a few hours left before sun-down. It was around 78° after supper and just a slight breeze.  It was a hot one though today in the sun, my phone says it was 83°, but Sue said that it felt more like 89°.  It was around that in Sierra Vista at 1 or so. Generally we’re slightly cooler.  Low tonight is supposed to be 50°.  All-in-all, pretty nice weather for us Hereford chickens.

Egg Report: We had a great weekend for eggs. Saturday we had 7, Sunday we had 10, and today we had another 7.  7 seems to be our new normal low. 11 is the high, but we only hit that a couple of days a week. All told, last week we had 48 eggs! That’s not shabby.