Seems like just yesterday that I did an update of weekend happenings, is it really Wednesday? My folks left today to go home to California, at this time, they are only a couple of hours away from their own bed and comfy home.  It was great to have them for as long as we did; although it seems a whirlwind of activity, it is always too soon for them to leave – at least in my mind. But things do go on here, regardless.

IMG_0642Today Sue purchased a fence liner, I guess you could call it, so that we can let the teens out and they won’t worm their way through the fencing. Just like teenagers – always pushing the boundaries! It’s a black plastic fencing that has 1″x 1″ squares that no little fella will be able to get through. So, after she zip tied that into place, the teens and the ducks and the goose were all allowed to roam today.  No one escaped and the report was that every one seemed to get along ok.  It was a really warm day so, most of the time they wanted to be in the cool of the coop anyway.  Time will tell how well it works.  They are growing pretty quickly, though, so I’m sure next week it won’t be necessary any longer.

IMG_0641The other project that is on its way to being complete is the waterline out to the lower pasture.  Dustin has been laying pipe like a trooper, and despite some dirt filling one of the pipes, a geyser did issue forth in the middle of pasture land. There will be at least two other spigots along the trench-line going out toward the Dinky House.  This will allow the watering of distant trees and other plants with out having to drag miles and miles of hose… and also ease the care of pastured chickens, once we get to that point. And when we do, you know we’ll share it with you here. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: It was a balmy 84° here today, and we’re looking at a low of 50° overnight.

Egg Report: 7 today.  That’s an odd number (ha), but truly- it’s not often we have only 7 eggs.